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Cinematography Workshop 2013 by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, Nov 4, 2013

Unlike other workshops, this one started on time even with only 9 participants although the rest came in before 10 am. The intention of the workshop was to provide the participants with the basic knowledge of camera operations and lighting techniques.

Common to major activities, snags were experienced. There was a whiteboard but no marker. There’s hot water but no coffee and no styro cups either. Even the name tags were missing. Thanks to the cooperation of FAP personnel Victor Nota and Felix Magat.

Another snag experienced was the late arrival of the resource speakers. But it was a serendipitous day for Mr. Isagani Sioson, the president of FSC, because Harold Emnace, the guy who lent the camera came in full battle regalia.

The participants, speakers and organizers

Harold shared his knowledge on the camera operations and went into details like resolution and frame size. A good point worth remembering is the pan and tilt. “Pag left and right, panning yun pero pag up or down, tilt na yun. Mali ang pan up.”

The next resource speaker was Alex Espartero who delved on the details of cinematography. He pointed out the importance of the light meter, a digital device that measures the intensity of light.

“Do not trust your eyes,” Espartero advised regarding the natural lighting since the digital camera is more prone to lighting errors. For a short demo, he showed the effects of front, side and underlighting.

Resource speaker Alex Espartero was a workshopper of Mowelfund’s filmmaking workshop

George Torralba of the defunct LVN Studios tackled the rest of the subject. In focus was the difference of film versus digital. Like Espartero, Torralba came with a presentation material on the projector.

Upon getting hold of the script, the participants were excited to start with the hands-on session. After dividing into 4 groups, a short script analysis was held to cultivate the creative juices of the participants in capturing the scenes.
The hands-on part was not a simulation but a real shoot of a short movie with actors, director and other production people. That is to give a semblance of an actual film production for the experience of the participants.

Veteran cinematographer Oscar Querejero assisting newbies Dexter Aserdano and Flor Chantal Eco while Richard Visco was holding the mic

As an advice from workshop director Alex Socorro, “We will be providing you with the science but you take care of the artistic side.” Cinema-tographers should have the sight and the insights that ordinary people do not have.

On hand to assist the newbie cameramen were veteran cinematographers Arnold Alvaro, Oscar Querijero, Romulo Araojo and Isagani Sioson, president of FSC (Filipino Society of Cinematographers).

The second day of the workshop was dedicated to the hands-on. “Very exciting pala pag ganito ang workshop,” exclaimed one participant. Some others were asking for an advance course, “Kasi feel na feel namin ang paghawak ng camera.”

FSC stalwarts and resource speakers: Oscar Querejero, Arnold Alvaro, Harold Emnace, Isagani Sioson, George Torralba, Romulo Araojo, Mones

The culmination of the workshop was the preview of the footages. Most of the participants were able to see their shortcomings. “Mas maganda pala yung zoom in na suwabe tapos may konting tilt,” remarked one participant.

The Basic Digital Cinematography workshop was held on October 26 and 27, 2013 at the Mowelfund Plaza. Organized by Filipino Society of Cinematographers, the workshop was sponsored by the Film Academy of the Philippines.

Trying to lessen the excessive natural light

The participants were:
Group 1 – Richard Visco, Dexter Aserdano, Flor Chantal Eco
Group 2 – Lani Tolentino, Jun Santiago, Thomas Villar, Neil Habalo
Group 3 – Evangeline Bulay, Don Crisostomo, Krystel Jen Dumapit, Freddie Lebreja
Group 4 – Franz Josef Tamase, Pocholo Felix, Lady Ann Salem

The after graduation pictorial

Hello is the title of the short film produced in the workshop. Ilona Gubiangan played the roles of the tomboyish Judith and the old maid Lily while Mhiko Capiral essayed the roles of the gay Mark and the old man Cardo.

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