Oct 24
CINEMATOGRAPHERS’ SEMINAR-WORKSHOP ON OCTOBER 26-27 by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, Oct 24, 2013

The Filipino Society of Cinematographers will conduct a seminar-workshop on Basic Digital Cinematography at the Film Academy of the Philippines office at Mowelfund on October 26-27.

According to FSC president Isagani F. Sioson, the workshop will cover the following subjects: digital video camera operation; lighting techniques; framing of shots; tracking shots; and coordination with production people.

The hands-on segment of the workshop will involve the actual shooting of a short film that will form part of the seminar documentation.

The workshop will also be open to beginning cinematography enthusiasts and neo professionals as well as FSC members.

The complete workshop schedule is as follows:

Saturday, October 26:
Operation of camera and output formats
Lighting techniques to set the mood
Hands-on applications for night effect shooting
Framing the shot from Close Up to Full Shot

Sunday. October 27:
Tracking shots and angling
Coordinating with production people, including directors, audio technicians, lighting directors, etc.
Hands-on applications for day-effect shoots

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