Oct 16
FAP LAYS GROUNDWORK FOR 32ND LUNA AWARDS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Oct 16, 2013

Targeting a possible staging of the 32nd Luna Awards during the first quarter of next year, the Film Academy of the Philippines is now drawing a shortlist of possible films which will provide the citations or nominations for the various categories of the awards.

At the same time, the Academy is amending or fine-tuning the criteria for the selection of the awards in the official categories, namely direction, performance, screenplay, cinematography, editing, production design, music score and sound. The last amendments were implemented in 2006.

FAP Director-General Leo G. Martinez said that with the fast-changing technology in filmmaking, criteria for judging inevitably must be amended. He pointed out that the citer-nominator-voter system of selecting Luna award winners will still be observed.

In this system, citers will first preview the shortlisted films then draw their list of at least 10 citations in each category. The nominators will then take over and trim the list into the final five nominees.

Observing a policy of peers judging their peers, citers and nominators will be concentrating on their chosen fields. In this way, directors pick citations and nominations for directors. This is repeated in the other categories as well with editors judging other editors’ works and scriptwriters judging other writers’ screenplays.

Martinez has ordered the drawing up of a shortlist of films shown in 2013 which may provide the citations and nominations for next year’s Luna awards. Specifically, he wants to finalize the shortlist of possible films shown from January to September this year which can then already be previewed by the citers in November or early December.

He added that films exhibited in the October to December quarter will be the last to be previewed early next year. This might pave the way for an early Luna Awards in February or March. The Oscar Awards will be held in March next year.

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