Oct 16
EDITORS’ GUILD HOLDS ELECTIONS ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18 by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Oct 16, 2013

The United Film Editors Guild of the Philippines (UFEG) will hold its elections for a new set of officers on Friday, October 18, at the Film Academy of the Philippines offices at Mowelfund.

Film Academy of the Philippines Director-General Leo G. Martinez said the UFEG elections might as well trigger off similar elections in the other guilds under the umbrella supervision of the Academy.

Martinez said that change in leadership in the guilds will surely revitalize activities in the different film sectors represented by the guilds.

Under the umbrella supervision of the FAP are guilds for directors, actors and actresses, scriptwriters, cinematographers, production designers, musical directors, sound technicians and assistant directors and production managers.

The incumbent officers of the UFEG are the following: Jesus M. Navarro, president; Danilo Gloria, vice-president; Xever Ramos, secretary; Cornelio Crisostomo, treasurer; and Rodolfo Tabotabo, auditor. The board members are Rodolfo Cabrales and Arcadio Vinarao.

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