Oct 02
MUSINGS FROM A MOVIE FAN: MOVIES AND ME by Salve Grace B. Losbanes  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Oct 2, 2013

Even before I had my Film Production class at school, I started to be inclined in movies. I started with getting exposed to foreign films like Korean movies, or Bollywood films, and then I get exposed to watching some local movies.

After days of work and stress from school, one of my favorite leisure times is watching movies. Even by just a simple act of lying in my bed and playing some movies on my laptop eases my stress from school. There are certain reasons why I love watching movies, and to how would I look at it.

One reason why I love watching movies is because of the talented actors. I got eager on watching it whenever I know that the cast includes some of my favorite performers. There are also some films which feature strong supporting casts. The cast of a movie is one of the main reasons I should watch it. As they say, great movies come with great actors.

Who wouldn’t include theme as the reason why they love watching films? Most themes of the films I watch involves family relationship, group of individuals striving for dreams or maybe the usual one, romantic or dramatic movie, or action movies, which has unique concept or characters that is different from the usual one I’ve seen. I would also love watching movies when they are accompanied by music, because for me, the music in the movies are like dialogues and whenever I hear the conversations of the characters, it is like music into my ears.

There are also some scenes in the movie which encouraged me to watch, especially when I watch them first from the trailer or from the music videos. Those scenes may be something cute or romantic or maybe something too emotional for others, yet for me is a heart-warming one, especially when it is from romantic movie. The tendency for me is that, I would try to repeat the scene over and over again, until it satisfies my needs of watching it, or sometimes, when I watch the movie, I have the tendency to skip some scenes and proceed to my favorite scenes. I also take note of the most unforgettable lines from the movie and memorize them.

I have been watching a lot of movies with assurance to my criteria, but fewer to say so, would I consider as my best movies ever, whether it may be Korean, Bollywood or even our own. Just to name a few, I pick out:

Windstruck, a tragic movie combined with comedy and action, attracts me so much due to its unique story and its background music which adds emotion to the story;
 A Bollywood movie entitled Saawariya which was introduced to us during our Film Production Class and is a heart-warming story of unconditional love and
Center Stage, which I would say inspires me a lot because of its theme, and its wonderful ballet presentations.

You may say that I am just a fan of several foreign movies, but actually not. I am also a fan of our very own movies. I admit it, I am fan of some old dramatic or romantic movies like Regalo, which, some who have saw it, may say it is quite a mature type of story, but for me, I look into it as something romantic and selfless.

I am also a huge fan of action movies, especially when I find the characters interesting for their roles, like the ones being portrayed by action star Jeric Raval in my favorite action movie Bunso: Isinilang Kang Palaban.

I am also a fan of some new movies now, especially when the theme is romantic comedy, especially when it stars Sarah Geronimo. Every romantic-comedy movies I saw which stars her is really cute and adorable, and I really enjoy watching it.

Of course, as a movie fan, it is not enough to watch the story itself in a single look rather it will be better if you have a personal copy of it. So for me, I find ways to look for copies over the internet or maybe buy a digital copy of it in video stores. Still I am not contented with the movie itself, so I also look for the behind the scenes videos over the internet or look for the behind the scene photos of the movie and make a collection of it in my laptop.

A movie fan, indeed, but that doesn’t end with collecting stuff related to the movie industry. I am a Mass Communication student, and one of the reasons why I enrolled in this course is because I wanted to explore and be a part of the film industry and my greatest dream is to produce movies starring all my favorite local celebrities, with a story that would serve as an inspiration and something people would never forget.

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