Sep 28
APT-DGPI DIGITAL FILM FESTIVAL by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Sep 28, 2007

The Directors’ Guild of the Philippines, Inc. and the APT film-tv production outfit are looking for out-of-the-box and audience-friendly screenplays to be directed by DGPI director-members for a nationwide digital film festival to be held next year. Seven such screenplays will be chosen as entries through a contest.

The DGPI festival committee was formed, headed by DGPI President Tony Y. Reyes. Director Peque Gallaga was designated co-vice-chairman with a representative from the APT. The other committee members are DGPI Vice-President Soxy Topacio and Directors Tony Cruz, Ellen Ongkiko and Dante Mendoza.

Reprinted below are the rules for the festival contest:

1. The festival is exclusive to DGPI directors. It is a directors’ driven film festival that is audience-friendly.

2. Seven entries will be chosen.

3. Maximum of three (3) copyright script or detailed sequence treatment entries are to be submitted for qualification starting October, 2007, at Joel Lamangan’s office, 3rd Floor, Benjamin Bldg., Sct. Esguerra, across ABS-CBN. (Look for Kite)

4. For every submitted script or sequence treatment, there should be four copies, one for DGPI and three for the judges.

5. Announcement of final seven entries will be on Nov. 30, 2007.

6. Budget cost of every film for pre-production, principal photography and final post production, including offline editing, dubbing, final conform EDL online, music lay-in, folleys & final audio mix, plus two to three minute trailer material is P2 million.

7. Digital camera to be used for filming should be at least 1980×720 or higher in resolution.

8. Final film transfer with stereo music mix is worth P1,200,000.00 (one master neg., one master sound negative, one answer print and one digital Beta master).

9. Duration of film is ninety minutes with one two-to-three-minute trailer material.

10. Date of showing is second quarter of the year 2008.

11. People’s Text Awards night is three days before the last day of exhibition.

12. An incentive reward of P150,000.000 for each film will be given to DGPI for logistics and savings.

13. Final incentive commission/share scheme for each film will be discussed with funder or financier.

14. Part of the income to be generated will be for the scholarship of worthy children of movie worker-members of DGPI and NMPP.