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BOTH SIDES OF MY HUSBAND’S LOVER by Salve Grace B. Losbanes  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, Sep 26, 2013

Every one of us has personal preferences on different things even in the story of soap operas we want to watch. Most people want to watch romantic comedies or dramas which feature their favorite artists. For love stories, concepts that would usually came out of our minds are Cinderella-type of stories or stories involving love triangles, two men over one woman or two women over one man. They say these are the basic and most popular genre of teleseryes nowadays, and even for movies, may it be local or foreign ones.

However, a new kind of story was introduced and caught the public interest.

It is a GMA7 teleserye entitled My Husband’s Lover. At first read of the title, stories that would pop-up in your mind are the same concepts as a “mistress series,” same as what we have in our films like No Other Woman and The Mistress. But it was eventually revealed that My Husband’s Lover is not a mistress-type series, rather a new one, which involves a woman and a man vying for the love of another man.

This teleserye is a story of a married woman who runs smack into a marriage problem when she discovers that her husband is having an affair not with another woman but with a man. Stars in this series include Carla Abellana who portrays the wife, new actor Tom Rodriguez as her husband and multi-awarded actor Dennis Trillo as the husband’s lover. Trillo, who portrayed several gay roles like the one from the movie Aishite Imasu, where he won several acting awards, was one of the reasons why some audiences are excited to watch this soap opera.

The teleserye has generated both negative and positive commentaries. People say this is unexpected yet much anticipated; especially that it is the first time for the Philippine TV to release a teleserye with this kind of story. And according to its writer, Suzette Doctolero, My Husband’s Lover, though it is called a gay-themed teleserye, is expected to be less violent than the usual Filipino teleserye we had, but then expect intimate scenes between the two actors.

In social media, like Twitter, My Husband’s Lover was a talk-about that leads it to a week trending both here in the Philippines and worldwide. This series also received a lot of praises, not just because of the lead actors, but also because of its supporting casts, which includes Ms. Kuh Ledesma who sung the soundtrack of the teleserye, and also because of its creative cinematography.

Audiences, here in the Philippines and outside the country also salute GMA 7 for daring to show a series with this kind of theme, which for them, is okay because it is happening in our society today, wherein some relationships got lost because of men-involvement in third-sex relationship.

Though the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board already passed the series and gave it SPG rating (for Theme and Language), there are still a lot of commentaries about this series.

According to Film and Television Director William G. Mayo, the series My Husband’s Lover is a big influence, especially with the growth of population of third-sex in our country; still there are some instances that would influence the value of the youth. He added that though people say television is similar to movies, there are instances that they do have differences.

Mayo explained that audiences can control to what kind of movies they should watch through the presence of audience rating (like PG or G), but with television it is free, that anybody can watch it, anytime, anywhere. With this, he pointed out that this gay-themed series is not appropriate for television viewing, rather on movies. Some television audiences agreed to what Mayo said.

Some people added to Mayo’s point of view that since television is free to view and its content has a huge influence among its audiences, thus they should come up with television shows that can enhance the moral values of its audiences especially of the youth.

Another sector added that some audiences are quite sensitive with this kind of soap opera theme especially the youth which they would think it is a normal way of living, though for some instances it may destroy their values.

With this a fan argued that this series is okay to be viewed for as long as there will be a proper guidance from their parents. Others said that since there is no regulation that this kind of stories are not accepted in Philippine television, thus, audiences should also learn to accept it, since and then it is happening in reality.

Hearing the both sides of My Husband’s Lover critics, I too, became open to the pros and cons of showing the gay-themed series. But then, few things come up on my mind to decide on watching this; though there is a presence of program classification, proper guidance from the parents is still needed, and if possible to avoid, especially for the teen and children in watching it and guide yourself too, not to be influenced by the series and think that it is just a fiction. But just like what an audience said if you don’t like a story, don’t watch it.

However, we should also not forget the fact that all things happening in reality can be possible and appropriate to be shown in local television.

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