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PREMIERE PRODUCTION FILMS DURING THE 50S by Tante de Ramos  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Sep 6, 2013

During the decades of the 1950, three film companies battle it out at the box office. These were Sampaguita Pictures, LVN Pictures and Premiere Productions.

According to film trivia expert Tante de Ramos, following were just few of the films produced by Premiere Productions in that decade:

MUNTING ANGHEL (1951): The film starred Nena Cardenas, Fred Santos, Patria Plata, Baby Linda in the title role, Amelita Sol, Andres Rurbi and Belen Velasco under the direction of Artemio Marquez.

SANDINO (1952): Danilo Montes played a dual role in this film. His co-stars included Ester Buenaobra, Patria Plata and Luis San Juan. It was directed by Eduardo de Castro.

SA KABILA NG BUKAS (1954): The film starred Jose Padilla, Jr., Edna Luna, Rosita Noble, Amado Cortez, Leticia Ojera and Lopito under the direction of Consuelo P. Osorio.

3 SISTERS (1954): Starring Nena Cardenas, Rosita Noble and Corazon Rivas, Ruben Rustia, Lauro Delgado and Boy Francisco, the film was directed by Cesar “Chat” Gallardo.

MUTYA NG PAARALAN (1954): Anita Linda portrayed a teacher in this film with co-stars Eddie del Mar, Lopito, Abraham Cruz and Felix Carvajal under the direction of Eduardo de Castro.

IFUGAO (1954): Starring Efren Reyes, Sr., Leila Moreno, Johnny Monteiro, Gloria Sevilla, Fernando Royo, Leticia Ojero, Mario Bari, Leonora Riuz, and Jennings Sturgeon, the film was directed by Gerardo de Leon. It won three major awards during the 1955 Asian Film Festival in Singapore.

HOKUS POKUS (1955): Topbilling Jose Padilla, Jr., Efren Reyes,Sr., Anita Linda and Edna Luna, the film was directed by Cesar Gallardo.

UNANG HALIK (1955): The song-and-dance film starred Corazon Rivas, Jose Romulo, Lopito and newcomer Cynthia Zamora under the direction of Artemio Marquez.

7 MARIA (1955): Starring Anita Linda, Edna Luna, Olivia Cenizal, Carol Varga, Lydia Resma, Lydia Antonio, and Baby Zobel as the seven daughters of Amelita So, the film was directed by Artemio Marquez.

PALTIK (1955): The cast included Jose Padilla, Jr., Efren Reyes, Sr., Arsenia Francisco, and Virginia Montes with support from Mario Bari and Nello Nayo under the direction of Cirio H. Santiago.

PANDORA (1955): The film starred Leila Morena, Jose Romulo, Carol Varga, Lopito, Neonita Bona, Dadang Ortega, Belen Velasco and Abelardo Cortez under the direction of Cesar “Chat” Gallardo.

4 NA KASAYSAYANG GINTO (1956): The film was composed of four stories. The first episode starred by Rogelio dele Rosa, Pancho Magalona, Corazon Rivas and Cynthia Zamora. The second episode starred Jose Padilla, Jr., Efren Reyes, Sr., Edna Luna, and Jose Romulo. The third episode starred Arsenia Francisco, Danilo Montes, and Ruben Rustia. The last episode had Leopaldo Salcedo, Anita Linda, Eduardo del Mar and Olivia Cenizal. The four directors were Teodorico C. Santos, National Artist Gerardo de Leon, Cirio H. Santiago, and Cesar Gallardo.

H-LINE GANG (1956): Starring Leonor Vergara, Lani Oteyza, Myra Crisol, Lily Marquez, Ligaya Lopez, Juliet Lozano, Carmencita Ferrer, Josie Sarte, Charito Perez and Josie Salcedo, the film was the female version of Lo Waist Gang. The guest stars were Fernando Poe, Jr. and Berting Labra. It was directed by Candido Manahan.

LUTONG MAKAW (1958): The film, which was shot in Hongkong, was a part of the Lo Waist gang series and starred Fernando Poe, Jr., Corazon Rivas, Myra Crisol and Low Waist gang. Chiquito was introduced in the film directed by Pablo Santiago.

STA. RITA DE CASIA (1958): Topbilling Rosemarie Gil as the saint, the film also starred Lauro Delgado who played her abusive husband.

HINDI KITA ANAK (1959): The film starred Mario Montenegro, Tessie Quintana, Eddie del Mar, Cynthia Zamora, Bob Soler, and young thespians Rogelio Moreno and Aida Villegas. It was directed by Teodorico C. Santiago.

EVA DRAGON (1959): Fernando Poe, Jr.and Merle Tuazon were the leading role tandem in this film which was directed by Teodorico C. Santos.

PITONG BIYUDA (1959): Starring Tessie Quintana, Cecilia Lopez, Myrna Delgado, Myra Crysol, Carol Varga, Elvira Reyes and Dely Atay-Atayan as the seven widows, the film was directed by Larry Santiago. The leading men were President Joseph Estrada and Senator Ramon Revilla, Sr.

DI 13: Jose Romulo played the role of the comics detective DI-13 with co-stars Arsenia Francisco, Rosita Noble, Lopito, Ramon D’Salva and Vicente Liwanag. The film was directed by Cesar “Chat” Gallardo.

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