Sep 28
FAP MEMBERS COMPLETE SECOND COMPUTER WORKSHOP by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Sep 28, 2007

Another batch of film workers will complete the second basic computer workshop sponsored by the Film Academy of the Philippines and graduate on Sunday, September 30. The workshop began last weekend and will be completed this Sunday.

The first computer workshop was held last April.

The FAP Basic Computer workshop is aimed to provide the movie industry people with basic skills in computer operations which is a prerequisite in using highly technical software like video editing.

The graduates-to-be: seated are Joylin Apostol (FAP) and Liziel Cadiz (FAP). Standing from left are Alex Cabrera (PDGP), Pablo Libiran (SGP), Vic Dabao (PDGP), Reuben Paz (AWF), Tony Benavidez (STAMP), Bong Pavia and Sid Dalay (ADPM).

Having learned the basics of computer operations, as well as internet concepts and email with hands-on tutorial most of the time, the second batch of graduates requested for an advanced session to further hone their newfound computer skills.

Some of the participants also expressed interest to later focus on the software of their choice, like MS Word for scriptwriters, Adobe Photoshop for artists and Excel Spreadsheet for production managers.

The workshop participants included Pablo Reyna Libiran, vice-president of the Screenwriters’ Guild of the Philippines; Alex Cabrera and Vic Dabao of the Production Designers Guild of the Philippines; Reuben Paz of the Actors’ Workshop Foundation; Sid Dalay and Bong Pavia of the Assistant Directors and Production Managers’ Guild; Tony Benavidez of the Sound Technicians Association for Motion Pictures; and Joylin Apostol and Liziel Cadiz of the Film Academy.

The workshop is being conducted by Alex J. Socorro, technical consultant of the FAP and contributing writer to the FAP Website.

Taken up during the workshop were topics such as hardware, software, internet and e-mailing. The course features full hands-on exercises to fully familiarize participants in the use of the computer. Participants are being given a full overview of all the components comprising a computer system.

Socorro explained that the workshop plan is patterned after the Learning Tool for Executives but with slight variations to accommodate those who are not well-versed in common technical terms. Slow learners are also given emphasis, short of giving a guarantee that each participant will surely pass the course.

The computers being used are provided by the guilds for the benefit of their own guild members. A maximum of two users per computer policy is being enforced to allow the participants enough time in pursuing their own experimentations and discoveries.

This Basic Computer Workshop is envisioned to equip the guild members with the necessary technical skills needed in their transition from the traditional to the new method of film making since other Film Academy workshops like video editing, sound editing and musical scoring use computers in the training sessions. It is also geared to enjoin guild members to be adept in the use of internet especially the website article writers who are automatically members of the Film Academy’s electronic forum.

Sessions are held from 10 am. to 4 pm. during the weekends of September 22-23 and 29-30.