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FAP DAY SNIPPETS by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, Aug 8, 2013

FAP Day was a grand affair of the Film Academy, held on July 27, 2013 at the Mowelfund Plaza in Rosario Drive, Quezon City. Invited were movie industry workers to renew their membership in the working guilds while new members were also accepted by the guilds.

In the spirit of brotherhood, membership fee was waived for old and even new members. The registration area was teeming with people even before the 1 pm start of the program. The Mowelfund Plaza was jampacked with all types of vehicles.

The venue of FAP DAY

Spotted in the crowd were film directors Jun Posadas, Jose “Kaka” Balagtas, Bert Ortega who hosted the entertainment portion, Nardz Belen, Hernan Robles, Dante Pangilinan, James Gaines, Boy Vinarao of Mowelfund workshop, and Jose Carreon of FAPWEB.

Also present were Lyn Madrigal and Irene Celebre, introduced as mother of Gabby Eigenmann, who just dropped by. Character actors Robert Miller, Archi Adamos and Pipoy Jr. were also in attendance.

Some members or would-be members of KAPPT (Kapisanan ng mga Artista ng Pelikulang Pilipino at Telebisyon) are complaining that they weren’t able to fill up membership forms simply because there were no forms in the registration area.

The instant ID photo for the registrants

Jun Carlos who was manning the registration of UFIMDAP (United Film Musical Directors Association of the Philippines) echoed the same sentiment, i.e. that they have no membership forms either.

FAP Director General Leo Martinez had a costume change twice because of the heavy downpour. Most of those in the stage got wet. The proceedings had to start one hour late but it was worth it because the attendees enjoyed every bit of the entertainment.

The registration area

Interspersed with the performances of entertainers was the raffle portion. A director remarked, “Sana ako ang manalo ng washing machine.” When asked why, he replied, “Allergic na kasi sa sabong panlaba ang kamay ko eh. “

People in the back row are all praises for OMB Chairman Ronnie Ricketts. “Kahit paano ay pinag-aksayan tayo ng panahon ni Rocketts.” And to top it, the OMB Chairman donated some prizes for the raffle.

At the stage: FAP Director General Leo Martinez with KAPPT Chairman Rez Cortez and OMB Chairman Ronnie Ricketts

“Nagbigay ba ng prize sa raffle ang mga guild?” asked a nosy industry worker. “Kasi puro pakabig lang sila. Pansarili ba.” In fairness, SGP (Screenwriters Guild of the Philippines) donated some cash amount for the raffle. Only SGP, so far.

A group in the canteen asked, “Kelan ba ang election ng mga guilds?” They were wondering why the current presidents of the guilds don’t give way to others. “Sana kung may nagagawa naman sila,” lamented one industry veteran.

Another interjected, “Kung para sa industriya sila, aba, dapat magpa-eleksyon sila at huwag na silang tumakbo. Kusa nilang ibigay ang pamumuno sa iba at ubra naman silang tumulong, di ba?” A chorus of yes was heard from the group.

Leo Martinez answering a question in the open forum. Seated in the panel are guild presidents and representatives

Some young people inquired about the Film Gym. Someone remarked that the Film Gym director was supposed to give a talk. On a brighter note, the young people were glad on the announced Basic Cinematography workshop this coming September.

And due to the delay of the program, the merienda was served after 4 o’clock. “Ayos na ayos, dalawa pa ang puto,” a guild member uttered before sampling the pancit bihon and sipping the juice in tetra pack.

After having his photo taken, former comedian Tintoy beamed and said, “Maganda yung ganito para nagkakasama-sama tayo. Lalo na ngayon malayo na ang opisina ninyo (FAP). Sana sa Pasko may ganito ulit.”

Production designer Len Santos said the same. “Nagkasakit ako… sa puso. Kaya nga enjoy ako ngayon kasi nagkita-kita ulit tayo.” Mama Len, as he is called, also suggested to have a Christmas party for all FAP members.

The FAP DAY committee chairman: Direk William Mayo

The FAP Day committee chairman was William Mayo, the president of PMPDA (Philippine Motion Picture Directors Association).

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