Aug 31
TWINKLE…TWINKLE, LITTLE STARS by Butch Macaro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Aug 31, 2007

Show business really is an intriguing industry where you see through a kaleidoscope multi- colored personalities. They come and go, in a group or individually, trying to edge each other for the coveted stardom that is as elusive as a wild beast in the wilderness. Year in and year out, a horde of young hopefuls marches in a long queue for a chance to break into the limelight. Thousands come but few are chosen. Everything depends on one’s capacity, durability and the ability to dance with whatever music show business may play for them.

In the present situation, three of the most sparkling and striking hopefuls caught my scrutinizing and fastidious attention. These are the wanna bees who might reach the top ands become showbiz queens in their own right.


First on this list is Lovi Poe whom I have written about several times before in the earlier part of my trying and tiring attempt as a movie website writer. My first encounter with Lovi happened some three years ago when we became textmates because of a miscall. Learning she is a Poe whose mother was then a model or something, I suggested that she try the movies but Lovi (Call me Lovely, she said then) answered she is not fit for show business as she is not beautiful. I can only picture her in my mind as a gentle, shy nymphet but I insisted in my mind that she must be in the movies.

For over a month of exchanging notes, I must admit I enjoyed the association because I felt she was hungry for attention from an older person like her father, flattering, until one day, she stopped texting back. Few months after, I saw her picture in a tabloid with a very short write up. The picture, I must admit did not differ much from how I imagined Lovi, as if I had actually seen her before. Indeed the photo in the tabloid looked familiar. I lost track of her until I realized she was making a grade in show business. I was surprised and hurt a little because she forgot to send a text message to let me know that she finally heeded my advice for here to plunged headlong into showbiz.

Now Lovi Poe is neck-deep in the movies. I still honestly believe that I should have suggested to her that before embarking on a movie career, the first thing she should do is to think of a better name with a punch. But since she insisted she was not made to be a movie star, I kept the suggestion to myself.

In my honest opinion there are now three movie newcomers who are really fighting it out to be superstars. Lovi and the two other aspirants being Maja Salvador and Marian ‘Marimar’ Rivera.

The three lovely ladies are in for the test of their lives in so far as a movie career is concerned. They have made it. Lovi, I think is the senior among these three lovely ladies. But I feel closest to Lovi as if I have known her all my life. I even feel she is like an adopted niece or granddaughter. Because of Lovi, I even became a movie fanatic, having snipped several clippings of articles about her which I plan to make into an album.

She was with Sunshine Dizon and Yasmien Kurdi in Bakekang as Kristal. She was in Kuwento ni Lola Basyang with a new leading man.,She was a Psalmstre’s Olive C endorser, a recording star, a performer Zirko Bar in Timog. She had several concerts abroad and the Summer Komikonsiyerto with Dennis Trillo at the SM in San Fernando Amphitheater in Pampanga and another concert in Australia, and another in Kuwait with Ogie Alcasid and Regine Velasquez.

She was paired with Cogie Domingo to test their reliability as a love team but Cogie has to leave for the U.S. to attend to some business and Prince Stefan of Starstruck 3 took over. She made Maryang Alimango with Prince Stefan at GMA -7. Lovi and Prince are both the celebrity endorsers of Bratt Supreme Apparels Inc.

So far, only two of the most exciting male personalities in show business had been paired with Lovi as her leading men. But as it is, nothing had come up with the trial love team. It must be a blessing in disguise for Lovi, maybe because she is made to make a grade on her own without the benefit of a loveteam partner. But whatever, I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will make it the sooner.

Now Lovi Poe has signed an exclusive contract recently with Regal Films at the Imperial Palace Suite with few people from the press in attendance. Mother Lily Monteverde, Regal Film producer, has so much faith on Lovi that she signed the young singer-actress to a 12-pictures exclusive contract with Regal Entertainment Inc. The Regal matriarch is confident Lovi will make the grade as she is both talented and beautiful. During the contract signing, Mother Lily excitedly announced that her new Regal Baby is in the cast of one of the episodes of Shake, Rattle & Roll 9, an official entry of Regal Films to the 2007 Metro Manila Film Festival in December.

The equally excited young singer-actress was speechless as she signed the exclusive contract, knowing she is in good hands with Mother Lily planning film projects for her.

With the help of Mother Lily, Lovi is confident she can tackle all kinds of challenging roles and made a promise she will do everything to please her endearing producer. She promised to sincerely pursue her movie career because she loves acting as acting is her life. Still too young, I hope love hurdles will not interfere with her desire to make good in her chosen profession.

There you are… Lovi, the most senior among the three hopefuls I have chosen as the heiress apparent to become a superstar. She was the first one to enter the gates of flicker ville, being in the business for over two years now. She had already appeared in significant TV series, had some recordings to her credit and had headlined several concerts, not downplaying several commercial endorsements she has made. I am personally confident that she will make it to the top. Some people may not agree with my observations as what some website hitters thought as a reaction ink to my first article about Lovi. To her detractors, I beg them to just allow her the time to glide into the challenging world of show business. Reassess her after several films. For the time being let us agree on the fact that Lovi is young, beautiful, talented and determined to carve a name, which really carries the surname of filmdom’s undisputed king, in tinsel town.