Jul 10
UNTV-FAP LAUNCH SINE WIKAIN VIDEO CONTEST by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Jul 10, 2013

The UNTV and the Film Academy of the Philippines have launched the Sine Wikain contest aimed to translate or depict local proverbs (in Tagalog or in the dialects) in 30-to-90-second videos shot through camera phones.

The mechanics for the contest are herein printed in full:

*Eligibility: The contest is open to all Filipinos with ages 12 and above. A contestant, depending upon his/her age, can either join the ADULT CATEGORY (18 and above) or the YOUTH CATEGORY (Below 18). In the case of PRODUCTION TEAMS OR GROUPS, the entries shall have one (1) designated representative.

*All entries must depict a known Salawikain. The entry can be in any dialect, as long as Tagalog or English translations are provided.

*Entries shall be completely shot through the use of any camera phone. There is no limit as to the number of cameras to be used during the shooting of the video.

*The entries must be in digital video files; minimum of 30 seconds, maximum of 90 seconds long.

*The competition is specifically intended for new videos only. Videos shown or exhibited for public viewing, uploaded in the internet to be publicly viewed, and/or screened prior to July 2013 will not be accepted.

*To avoid violation of the copyright laws, the music used in any entry must be original, not yet licensed or in the public domain. Accordingly, in case of an entry using copyrighted music, the participants must obtain a written consent from the artist/music company/producer.

*Videos may be edited through the use of a computer program, but should be limited only to cutting the videos, inserting credits and the addition or cleaning up the audio. Any additional effects shall be prohibited.

*Contestants who will upload their entries via the internet for public viewing while the contest is still running will automatically be disqualified.

*Contestants can bring or send via mail their entries addressed to Breakthrough and Milestones Productions International, Inc. (BMPI), UNTV Bldg. 907, EDSA, Brgy. Philam, Quezon City. They must bring a soft copy of their entries (in CD, DVD, Flash Disk or Memory Card) and submit them to the Sinewikain secretariat. Entries should be in .avi / .mov / .mp4 format with a video size of at least 640×480.

*For contestants who wish to submit their entries online, they must upload it via www.untvweb.com/sinewikain, and provided it is below 50MB. Other forms of online submission will not be accepted.

* Aside from their official entry, contestants will be required to submit the following:

a. Duly accomplished application form
b. One page synopsis of their entry (soft copy & hard copy)
c. At least 5 “behind the scenes” pictures taken while shooting the video
d. Written consent from actors & actresses (form provided)

* All selected entries will be presented on a TV program (to be determined) with a live studio audience.

*The entries will be judged by a board of jurors from the Film Academy of the Philippines.

*Entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

*The judges will select a weekly winner each for the adult and the youth category that will then compete for monthly eliminations. Winner for monthly eliminations will then advance to the finals.

*After 3 monthly eliminations, a wild card episode will be conducted, joining all weekly winners who did not succeed in the monthly eliminations. They will compete and the winner will advance to the finals.

*The entries submitted shall contain the complete name of the owner-contestant with a personal statement in the following manner:


“This film-entry is not produced and/or screened prior to May 2013. If this entry qualifies among the finalists, it is hereby understood and agreed upon, that I am automatically assigning my copyright over this particular entry in favour of the BMPI-UNTV for a period of ten (10) years retroactively from date it was submitted in this Competition. Thus, by implication, all entries that did not qualify as finalists are returnable to the contestants.”

BMPI-UNTV reserves the right to create, revoke, and/or modify at any time, without prior notice, and in any manner or way its entry requirements, rules and regulations at its sole and absolute discretion. All finalists and submitted entries shall be bound by any and all amendments or addition to the entry requirements, rules and regulations herewith stated and/or that might in the future be promulgated.

BMPI-UNTV will not be liable for any loss, damage to property, or harm that may happen to the participants during the production of the video.

All participants, upon submission of their entries to BMPI-UNTV, are deemed to have accepted the herein-stated Rules of the Contest, and thus also agree to abide thereto.

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