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RE: ACTION by Salve Grace B. Losbanes  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Jul 3, 2013

In food, all people have tastes. They may try other flavors from time to time, yet they would still search for the one which could satisfy them. Just like our favorite foods, we also have our own choices when it comes to the genre of films we love to watch. People say you should watch all kinds of genre, but there would always be one genre which for you always stands out among the rest. One of these genres is the action film.

Filipino action films were popular during the 80s until the late 90s. Even in their romance or drama films, action scenes are always included. For some people, action movies may look like the same, but each one has its unique story, contents and concepts. The different characters of the actors portraying the scene—the protagonist or the villain–are just few reasons why audiences are attracted to action movies.

Great action stars like Ramon Revilla Jr., Cesar Montano, Robin Padilla, Jorge ER Estregan, Jeric Raval, and especially the late Action King Fernando Poe Jr., attract the attention of the audiences every time their movies are being flashed in our television, even up to now.

The nice-but-bad boy auras of the action film heroes and their intense but creative action stunts were reasons why audiences love to watch them. Even the ugly, bad images of the villains were being awaited by the audiences who were thrilled and delighted by the exchange of spicy words and bullets. Those were the days when action movies were still blooming in the entertainment industry. Those were the days when people were eager to buy movie ticket just to watch their favorite action stars.

But as they say, change is the only thing that’s constant. Bit by bit, action movies suddenly vanished in the entertainment scene and replaced by romantic comedies and romance dramas. Instead of a hero who had a nice-but-bad boy aura, here comes the hero who turns into a soft-spoken one. Instead of a hero who showed off his action stunts, what we have now are leading men suddenly shed tears and emote in the middle of the scene. Instead of a hero who engaged in fist fights with the villains for the woman he loved, we have someone who just leaves the girl and cries all he wants.

Yes, these romantic comedies and dramas are the kinds of movies popular with this generation and as of now, the preferred genres of films that break box office records.

But we still feel that time will come and the wheel will merely complete a turn and voila, film audiences will again be stampeding back into cinemahouses showing the action movies reminiscent of films of the past.

Well, it just happened after ABS-CBN showed several movies of the late action legends FPJ and Rudy Fernandez and after GMA and Studio 23 followed up with action classics of Ramon Revilla Jr., Jeric Raval and Robin Padilla, there is a palpable sign that the local film audience is suddenly craving once more for action films.

Credit the resurgence of the action films to the independent film industry who made several action movies like El Brujo and the Scenema Concept International which injected back action movies into mainstream cinema, as proven by Scenema Concept’s Manila Kingpin:The Asiong Salonga Story, topbilled by Laguna Governor Jeorge ER Estregan. Manila Kingpin, an entry in 2011 Metro Manila Film Festival bagged more than 10 awards including Best Picture from different film award-giving bodies like Luna Awards and PMPC Awards.

Another Scenema Concept production is MMFF 2012’s El Presidente, which is about the life of General Emilio Aguinaldo , which again starred Governor Estregan. It also won second best picture and several awards during the MMFF Awards Night.

However, the returning action movies were not all successful in terms of box office. After the success of Manila Kingpin, Viva Films released Hitman starring Cesar Montano, but it failed to generate a box-office whirlwind.

But despite it all, the entertainment industry still finds more means to gain action movies back on the scene. Well, let’s just see what will happen to the next list of action movies, as ABS-CBN Films will soon release OTJ (On the Job) starring Gerald Anderson and Piolo Pascual.

OTJ was shown at the last Cannes Film Festival. Another action film has been chosen for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival—10,000 Oras which stars Robin Padilla.

For now, a lot of movie fans are still waiting for an honest-to-goodness return of action movies. For these avid action film audience, it doesn’t matter who the action star is. What matters most for them is that it could give them good stories which they could enjoy and could give them moral lessons to learn and movie moments they will never forget.

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