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MAY NANGYAYARING KABABALAGHAN! (HOW WILL YOU KNOW?) by Mon Nepomuceno Orbeta  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Jun 19, 2013

“The Mistress”, “No Other Woman” and “A Secret Affair”: what is the common denominator? You are absolutely right, there is a love triangle involved in these blockbuster movies, because apparently, third–party relationship is becoming a favorite theme in Philippine drama movies.

The Mistress is a 2012 Star Cinema drama directed by Olivia Lamasan, with Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz as the lead stars. This well-acclaimed movie received positive reviews from the film critics, and almost bagged all the awards in the recently concluded LUNA Awards 2012.

No Other Woman is another Star Cinema drama blockbuster movie shown in Cinemas in 2011, directed by Ruel S. Bayani and it featured Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay and Christine Reyes as lead stars.

A Secret Affair is a 2012 Viva Films drama movie offering, directed by Nuel Naval, and its lead actors are Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay and Andi Eigenmann.

All the aforementioned films tackled temptations, trust and betrayals in which the “third-party” is the primary “kontrabida” in a supposedly beautiful, happy and romantic relationship.

Actually, even in the previous decades of Philippines Cinema, illicit affair has already been tackled where veteran and great actresses such as Ms. Bella Flores and Ms. Rita Gomez, (and others) portrayed the role of the “other woman” also often called then as “kulasisi”, “kalaguyo”, “kerida”, etcetera.

But what could possibly be another (unspoken) reason why so many people, mostly female viewers are so interested in watching these types of movies?

According to some people I talked with (all females who have experienced in one way or another being in a love-triangle), the reason they love watching these types of movies, besides the “good” cinematic drama, great actors and actresses (which occasionally teased the viewers with little sexy scenes showing sexy abs, butt and curves) and good script, is that they could actually discover tips and new ways and strategies in finding out if a partner is on a third party-relationship, and somehow get ideas how to handle it.

And most of the time, according to them, the “knowledge” they acquired from these movies are very applicable and effective in real life, for in the first place, screenwriters are also human-beings who write based on their personal experiences and observations.

And speaking of tips, here are these female movie-lovers’ TIPS on “How can you tell if your partner has a lover? (In other words “Paano Mong Malalaman Kung May Nangyayari Nang Kababalaghan?)

1st – It seems that your partner is no longer sexually attracted to you. (Nagpabango ka, naligo ka na ng isang oras at tipong sinuot mo na ang pinaka-sexy mong outfit, pero “wa-epek” pa rin. Hindi man lang napansin. Most probably, sa iba na ang kanyang “ sexual attraction” or preference?)

2nd – Your partner is now a social media-addict! Your partner spends more time on Facebook and Tweeter than enjoying sitting or lying down beside you. (Tapos bigla na lang, ang dami nang REUNION na pinupuntahan. Well, galingan mo ang pang-amoy mo, baka naman ang mga ex-gf/bf noong high-school days ay naging mga current na ulit!)

3rd – Your partner becomes a liar and defensive! Your partner lies even about simple and trivial things. (Hindi mo s’ya ma-contact , pagdating niya low-bat daw kasi siya, pero when you checked secretly ang cellphone niya, FULL BAR naman! Agad niyang sasabihin, nag-charge na s’ya sa Burger King kahit di mo pa tinatanong.)

4th – Changes of scent. Suddenly, your partner has a different lingering smell. (Kung amoy cheap na air-freshener, malamang nagbabad sa isang cheap na motel. Kung amoy-pabango ng lalaki, ehem, baka iba na ‘yan! Ang alibi, nadaan sa perfume section ng Department Store at nag-spray mula sa makulit na perfume promodizer! Lusot nga naman!)

5th – Your partner suddenly becomes so vain. You could always find her/him in front of the mirror and sometimes beginning to be obsessed with the latest fashion. (Hmm…baka mas bata ang “ano”, kaya nagpapabata!)

6th – No more “I love you!” ( Hirap na hirap mag-“I love you!” Kung minsan, sasabihin nga, parang sa butas naman ng ilong nagdaraan.)

7th – Always busy and OUT! Your partner no longer spends quality time with you. (Hindi mo na halos mahagilap, kasi laging busy sa work, sa meetings, sa family problems, sa pets… at higit sa lahat ay laging naiipit sa traffic.)

8th – Mood Swing. Your partner is so sweet, then suddenly becomes aggressive. (Malamang, ang kanyang “special someone” bigla na lang “out of coverage area” ang cellphone. Baka nagpalit na ng bagong SIM card kasi nakatagpo na ng bagong “mas mabango pati bulsa”.)

9th – Your partner suddenly becomes obsessed with different things like RNB music and Thai Food. (Dati “Pusong Bato” ang favorite niya at iyong dinuguan sa karinderia, bigla na lang may “Thai food” nang nalalaman at nakiki-RNB na rin. Malamang ang kanyang “ka-affair” doon din mahilig!)

10th – Your partner becomes ultra kind! ( Tipong lahat ng gusto mo halos ang nasusunod, as in lahat! Kabahan ka, malamang, nag-enjoy nang husto kasama ang bagong “dyowa’ niya!)

11th – Your partner surprised you with a gift like silver bracelet! ( Your partner feels so guilty! Malamang gold bracelet ang binigay niya sa kanyang “newly-found romance”.)

12th – And last but definitely not the least! Your partner is criticizing an officemate and other people for their physical features. (Iyan ang matindi, panay ang pintas sa seksing katawan ng iba kasi iyon ang hilig niya. Panay ang pintas sa officemate niya kasi “sila na”, at ang lalong matindi , panay ang pintas kay “kumare”o “kumpare” at ayaw pang papuntahin ng bahay n’yo dahil bad influence daw. Malamang, si “Kumare/kumpare” na nga ang salarin!)

But wait there’s more! Before you burst out and confront your partner, think twice! Baka naman paranoid ka lang? Baka masyado ka lang nadala ng mga movies na napanood mo? Remember, movies are reel and more than giving information, it is meant for entertainment! Sabi nga sa Facebook shouts “Isip-isip din kapag may time.” !

( Warning: All the tips mentioned above are just for the sake of fun! Huwag masyadong seryosohin! )

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