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PREMIER PRODUCTIONS ACTRESSES by Tante de Ramos  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, Jun 10, 2013

During their heydays, the three major film production companies in the 1950s onward—Sampaguita Pictures, LVN Films and Premiere Productions—had their own stables of actors and actresses and even film workers, like directors and scriptwriters, down the line.

Movie trivia expert Tante de Ramos had already written about the actresses of Sampaguita Pictures and LVN Films and now writes about the actresses who graced the Premiere Production films. They are listed below alphabetically:

Mina Aragon—She appeared in these movies: I Believe (with Lucita Soriano and Juliet Pardo), Panginoon (with Robert Arevalo, Bob Soler, Aura Aurea and Johnny Montero) which wasa directed by Efren Reyes Sr. and Sarah Soliente (with Romeo Vasquez, Eddie Rodriquez, Carol Varga, Van de Leon and Tessie Quintana).

Aura Aurea –She also starred in Panginoon as well as Totoy Kidlat which starred Johnny Montiero, Bob Soler and Mina Aragon under the direction of Efren Reyes Sr.

Ester Buenaobra –She was the leading lady in the 1952 film Sandino with co-stars Danilo Montes, Patricia Plata and Luis San Juan under the direction of Eduardo De Castro.

Nena Cardenas-She appeared in such films as Doble Cara and Three Sisters with a cast that included Rosita Noble, Corazon Rivas, Ruben Rustia, Lauro Delgado and Boy Francisco under the direction of Cesar Gallardo.

Olivia Cenizal—The wife of musical scorer and com[poser Josefino Cenizal, she appeared in Margarita (with co-stars Pancho Magalona, Carol Varga and Elvira Reyes) which was directed by Artemio Marquez, and in Ha-Cha-Cha with Jose Padilla Jr., Corazon Rivas, Jose Romulo, Lopito and Abraham Cruz under the direction of Nemesio Caravana.

Myra Criso—She appeared in Fighting Tisoy with Zaldy Zhornack in the role of a boxer under the direction of Pablo Santiago.

Arsenia Francisco—The reel and ral partner of Jose Padilla Jr., she appeared In Gulong ng Palad and Sa Hirap at Ginhawa (1954) with husband Jose Padilla Jr, and in DI-13 with Jose Romulo, Rosita Noble, Ramon D’ Salva and Vicente Liwanag under the direction of Cesar Gallardo.

Helen Gamboa—She was introduced in the movie Gorio and his Jeepney with co-star comedian Chiquito. Two of her other pictures were Nagngangalit na Damdamin( with Ronald Remy, Eva Darren, Sammy Barreto ang Gloria Savilla) under the direction of Jose Miranda Cruz and Habang ako’y Nabubuhay (with Eddie Fernandez, Johnny Montiero and Lito Garcia) under the direction of Lauro Pacheco.

Rosemarie Gil—She was introduced in 1958 through the film Sta. Rita de Casia opposite Lauro Delgado. She was also in the cast ofHawaiian Boy with co-stars Fernando Poe Jr., Bob Soler, Eddie Mesa, Chiquito, and two American singers, Roy Hamilton and Carl Perkins. The film was directed by Cirio H. Santiago.

Shirley Gorospe—The wife of Zaldy Zxhornack, she appeared in the following movies: Sweethearts (1957), You’re My Everything (1958), Pitong Gatang (1959) with Fernando Poe Jr., Basta Pinoy (1960) Fil-American Girl (1963) and Once Upon a Time (1971) opposite by husband Zaldy.

Lucita Goyena—She appeared in various films like Teniente Rosario (1937) opposite Rogelio dela Rosa, Punit Na Bandila, Alaalang Banal, Pugad ng Agila, Viuda Alegre, Dalagang Filipina and Tinig ng Isang Bulaklak.

Yolanda Guevarra—She was the leading lady of Joseph Estrada in Asiong Salonga and also starred in one episode of Gabi ng Lagim with Jose Romulo, Marietta Miranda, Paquito Diaz and Aida Villegas.

Annabelle Huggins—She appeared in God Knows (Batid ng Diyos) in 1962 which was produced and directed by Larry Santiago, then in Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Daigdig(1963) opposito Charite Solis, Willie Sotelo and Bert Silva
Under the direcxtion of Pablo Santiago.

Marissa Ibanez—She appeared in the following films: Santa Lucia (with Edna Luna and Max Alvarado), Buhay at Pag-ibig ni Dr. Jose Rizal (with Eddie Del Mar in the title role) and Cinco Hermanas (with Arsenia Francisco, Edna Luna, Cynthia Zamora and Carol Varga).

Imelda Ilanan—She appeard in Bontoc, a film on the culture and tradition of a cultural minority.

Miriam Jurado—She appeared in James Bandong opposite Chiquito in the role of a secret agent patterned after James Bond.

Amparo Karangdag—She appeared in such films as Tatlong Kabanata sa Buhay (1952) with co-stars Danilo Montes, Anita Linda and Patria Plata under the direction of Eddie Infante, Magkapilas ng Langit and Lihim na Bayani.

Anita Linda—She appeared in such movies as Sawa sa Lumang Simborio with Jose Padilla Jr., Bakit ako Luluha) (under the direction of Edgardo de Castro), Pertidia (1947), Nagmamahal Ako, Salawahan, Wala na Akong Iluluha(1948), Suwail (1949) and Sisa (1951).

Adorable Liwanag—She appeared in 1962’s Matinik Lalong Kilabot with co-stars Cesar Ramirez, Cecilia Lopez, Ronald Remy, Quiel Segovia, Oscar Keese and Vicente Liwanag under the direction of Cesar Gallardo .

Cielito Legaspi—She appeared in a horror film Nagsasalitang Kalansay (1961) with Myrna Delgado, Jose Romulo, Rodolfo Cristobal, Chiquito and the original Lowaist Gang under the direction of Pablo Santiago. Another of her films was Mahal Kita, Inay (1962) with Zaldy Zhornack, Van deleon, Rodolfo Cristobal, Charito Solis, Vilma Valera and Rose Aguirre under the direction of Artemio Marquez.

Cecilia Lopez—Three of her films included Gabi ng Lagim (with Ramon Revilla Sr. and Myra Crisol, 1962’s Matinik Lalong Kilabot with Cesar Ramirez, Ronald Remy and Adorable Liwanag) under the direction of Chat Gallardo, and Pitong Bilyuda.

Edna Luna—She was the original Dyesebel where she co-starred with Jaime dela Rosa. Her other films were 1954’s Sa Kabila ng Bukas (with Jose Padilla Jr. Rosita Noble, Leticia Ojera, Amado Cortez and Lopito) under the direction of Consuelo P. Osorio, Pedro Penduko (with Efren Reyes Sr.), Banga ni Zimadar, Anak ng Lasengga and Kamay ni Kain (with Fernando Poe. Jr. and Zaldy Zshornack) under the direcxtio0n of Gerry De Leon.

Ester Magalona—She was the leading lady in the 1949 film Kayumanggi in her role as a Muslim woman. She co-starred with Leopaldo Salcedo and Nora Madrid under the direction of Leopoldo Salcedo.

Lily Marquez—She appeared in Bon Voyage (with Fernando Poe Jr., Leonor Vergara, Lani Oteyza, Bob Soler, Eddie Mesa and Lopito) and in Sa Pagsikat ng Araw (with Ronald Remy, Lani Oteyza and Al Quinn.

Virginia Montes–She appeared in the movies Maliit Lamang ang Daigdig and in 1955’s Paltik (with Jose Padilla Jr. Efren Reyes Sr. and Arsenia Francisco) under the direction of Cirio H. Santiago.

Leila Morena—She appeared in the 1955 film Pandora (with Jose Romulo, Nenita Bona, Lopito Belen Velasco and Carol Varga) under the direction of Cesar Gallardo. He other films included Diego Silang (with Jose Padilla Jr.), Ang Lumang Balay sa Gulod, Ander de Saya (with Efren Reyes Sr.) and the Og series with Jesus Ramos.

Liza Moreno—She appeared in Barilan sa Pugad Lawin (with Joseph Estrada, Lauro Delgado, Vic Diaz, Vicente Liwanag, Avel Morado, Johnny Long and Jay Ilagan) under the direction of Gerardo De Leon.

Rosita Noble—She appeared in DI-13 (with Jose Romulo, Arsenia Francisco, Lopito, Ramon D.’ Salva and Vicente Liwanag) under the direction of Cesar Gallardo and in the film Kapitan Berong (with Efren Reyes Sr.).

Leticia Ojera—She appeared in Ifugao with co-stars Efren Reyes Sr., Leila Morena, Gloria Sevilla, Johnny Monteiro, Fernando Royo, Leonora Ruiz, Jennings Sturgeon and Mario Barri under the direction of Gerardo de Leon.

Lani Oteyza—She appeared as Tipin, the teenage comics character of Larry Alcala and was also in the cxast of H-line Gang opposite Fernando Poe Jr. and Berting Labra under the direction of Candido Manansala.

Corazon Rivas—Two of her popular films were Lutong Macaw with Fernando Poe Jr., Myra Crisol, Chiquito and the members of the Lo Waist Gang and Ha-cha-cha (1995), a comedy picture with Jose Padilla Jr. Olivia Cenizal, Jose Romulo, Lopito and Abraham Cruz under the direction of Nemesio E. Caravana .

Tessie San Juan—She appeared in the historical film Dimasalang with Eddie Del Mar as leading man. It was set during the Spanish Regime.

Merle Tuazon—She appeared in Eva Dragon with Fernando Poe Jr. as her leading man under the direction of Teodorico Santos.

Divina Valencia—She appeared in Medico Legal with co-stars Eddie Rodriguez, Rodolfo Cristobal, Lucita Soriano, Nello Nayo, Paquito Diaz, Joe de Castro and Abraham Cruz under the direction of Lauro Pacheco.

Vilma Valera—She appeared in Reyna ng Tondo (with Rodolfo Cristobal, Bert Silva, Willie Sotelo, Amado Cortez, Charlie Davao and Vic Diaz) under the direction of Larry Santiago and in Mahal Kita, Inay (with Zaldy Zhornack, Cielito Legaspi, Rodolfo Cristobal, Charito Solisand Rosa Aquirre) under trhe direction of Artemio Marquez.

Leonor Vergara—She appeared in Bon Voyage with Fernando Poe Jr., Lani Oteyza, Eddie Mesa, Bob Soler and Lopito, in Laban sa Lahat, also with Fernando Poe Jr. under the direction of Cirio Santiago and in H-line Gang with an all star cast.

Cynthia Zamora—She appeared in one of the episodes of Apat na Kasaysayang Ginto (1956) with Rogelio dela Rosa, Pancho Magalona and Corazon Rivas under the direction of Teodoro C. Santos. She also starred in the 1959 film Hindi Kita Anak with Mario Montenegro, Tessle Quintana and Eddie del Mar.

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