Aug 16
FIL-AM SAYS RP VIABLE AS LOCATION FOR FOREIGN FILMS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, Aug 16, 2007

Rey Guila, a Fil-American with 46 years of experience in Hollywood film making, proposed to the Film Academy of the Philippines a vigorous program to attract foreign filmmakers and producers to shoot their movie projects in the Philippines.

In a letter to Leo G. Martinez, director-general of the Film Academy of the Philippines, Guila informed local film industry leaders he is planning to set up
a film academy, as well as sound stage facilities in the country, possibly in Angeles City, Pampanga.

Guila even volunteered to spearhead a Philippine delegation which will sell the country as a viable location for foreign film projects which require an Asian milieu for their stories.

With the help and support of both government and private agencies in the Philippines, Guila said they can conduct roadshows and exhibitions in the United States that will push the Philippines as a good site for film making worldwide.

He added that in November last year, he came with a group of world class Hollywood film producers for an observation tour of the country and assured Director-General Martinez that most of his companions were enthusiastic about what they found and learned about the Philippines. He said that the Hollywood producers also noticed the apparent hospitality and willingness of Filipinos, especially those from the local film industry.

“I am so happy to hear from my Hollywood film making colleagues that they find the Philippines as their first choice of future site for film making,” he wrote in his letter.

He added that the proposed film school he plans to set up here will start construction in November this year. He asked the FAP to support his group in this undertaking, justifying that the film school will surely be a plus point for the country in the view of Hollywood producers.

He also asked the academy’s assistance to encourage major business companies to lend support to the intensified campaign to sell the Philippines as as a center of film making in this part of the world.