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CITERS VIEW by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Feb 15, 2013

The viewing of 2012 films by the Citers of the 2013 Luna Awards was held at the Film Academy office from January 24 to February 8.

As representatives of their guilds, the Citers rated the screened movies in consonance with their discipline. Score sheets were provided so musical scorers would grade the musical scoring, Directors would focus on the directing, etc.

FAP Director General Leo Martinez giving out his opening remarks to the Citers

BUSONG is a Cinemalaya entry by Solito Arts Production. “Masyadong mahaba ang backgrounder,” commented a Citer. Another Citer added, “Pati yung paglakad ng character parang pinahaba saka ang sama ng lighting.”

MGA MUMUNTING LIHIM is another Cinemalaya entry by Jose Javier Reyes. Expectedly, being a Joey Javier movie, dialogues were kilometric. “Parang sobra ang pagmumurahan,” a Citer was referring to middle class women shouting invectives.

A MOTHER’S STORY is a TFC film shot in the US for an OFW story. “Kung straight drama okey na sana kaso nilagyan pa ng comedy eh bad timing naman,” one Citer commented. Another minus point was the unsynched sound effect.

BWAKAW was the country’s entry to the Oscar’s foreign language category. A story of an old but decent gay, Eddie Garcia’s character was a hit with the Citers. “Life story ni Cloyd Robinson yan,” Director Bert Ortega joked.

THE HEALING is a Vilma Santos starrer. One Citer had deep regrets, “Very cultural sana ang movie kaso nga lang ginawang horror.” In fairness to the director, there were several breath-taking scenes.

THE REUNION is a Star Cinema film. With the usual high school story, the slapstick was uncalled for which ruined the logic of the story. But one good point of the movie is the revelation that Matt Evans is a very good actor with his role of a gay student.

The registration counter for the Citers

THE MISTRESS is another Star Cinema. A straight drama, the dialogues were good and meaningful. But a Citer noticed, “Masyado yata ang coincidence na si Bea eh kabit ng tatay at girlfriend naman ng anak.”

UNOFFICIALLY YOURS is a romance comedy by Star Cinema. One Citer emphasized “Masyadong mababaw ang kuwento tapos masyadong cheap ang character ni Angel para sa isang yuppie.”

CORAZON is a GMA Films suspense thriller. “Asuwang daw eh baliw lang naman,” a Citer protested. Noticeable was the bad production design particularly the attire of Derek and Erich. And in the 1950s, Derek was sporting the bald hairdo.

EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE is another romance comedy by Star Cinema. “Bakit ba nilalagyan nila ng mga slapstick eh puwede namang comedy lang basta,” remarked a Citer who liked the plot but not the development.

MY KONTRABIDA GIRL is another GMA film. “Ang galing ng mga lampoon,” some Citers said. Aljur’s character was named Chris Bernal and his sister was Joyce. Most Citers enjoyed the cute story but one said, “Sana hindi si Rhian ang leading lady.”

BORN TO LOVE YOU is a Star Cinema romance comedy. “Maganda ang casting,” a Citer liked Coco Martin and Angeline Quinto but admitted that it was just like another Maricel-William movie. Many noticed the good acting of Angeline.

The Citers intently watching a movie

OF ALL THE THINGS is a romance comedy of GMA Films. “Maganda sana kung iba ang cast,” a Citer didn’t agree because of Regine’s different looks. It was 3 years in the making, the period when Regine got pregnant.

A SECRET AFFAIR is obviously a Viva Films production for their talent Anne Curtis. “Halos pareho ng No Other Woman,” lamented a Citer, although this time it is Anne who is the underdog and Andi as the kontrabida.

MOMMY RETURNS is an indie type project of Regal Films. “Grabe ang slapstick saka parang binaboy ang purgatoryo,” said a Citer about John Lapus as the caretaker of purgatory. Many noticed that the sound effect was not in synch with the visual.

SANTA NIÑA is a Cinemalaya entry. “Maganda ang story kaya lang walang facial expression si Coco habang nakapako sa krus,” a Citer noticed. The movie had a clear allusion to the person of visionary Judiel Nieva and the jueteng lord of Pampanga.

TIKTIK is an Erik Matti film. “Nakakasawa ang suspense,” said a Citer on the excessive suspenseful scenes. The slight humor injected via the character of Joey Marquez gave the audience a respite, “Pang-alis ng sawa.”

EL PRESIDENTE is another epic courtesy of E.R. Ejercito. The production design was great. “Maraming inconsistencies sa history,” one Citer couldn’t come to terms with the scenes depicting Bonifacio as a kontrabida.

Refreshments for the short break of viewing

THY WOMB is an award winning film of Brillante Mendoza. “Kaya pala flop sa festival,” remarked a Citer on the simple and unexciting plot. “Malikot ang camera saka ang daming sobrang shots,” a Citer noticed the long scenes as if to stretch the movie.

ONE MORE TRY is a festival winner. “Tama lang palang maging best actor si Dingdong,” a Citer commented. Generally, the audience was engrossed with the flow of the story particularly the showdown between the 2 leading ladies.

The selected movies of the Citers will be passed on to the Nominators, the group that would choose the nominees in all the 12 categories. The Voters will then select the winners—now in all categories—that would be presented in the 2013 Luna Awards.

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