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31ST LUNA AWARDS CITERS START REVIEW OF FILMS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jan 25, 2013

Citers for the 31st Luna Awards of the Film Academy of the Philippines started on Thursday, January 24, the reviews of films in the usual three-stage process to select the outstanding achievements for the year 2012 in 12 award categories.

Five citers each from the nine guilds under the FAP umbrella will be viewing 20 films in all—most of which were rated either A or B by the Cinema Evaluation Board of the Film Development Council of the Philippines. Only films exhibited commercially in 2012 are open for nominations for best picture down to best sound.

The first two films reviewed were Busong by Solito Aureus ( Rated A) and Mga Mumunting Lihim by Jose Javier Reyes (Rated A). Two more films will be reviewed Friday, January 25—A Mother’s Story by John D. Lazatin (Rated A) and Bwakaw by Jun Lana Rated A).

The citers will be reviewing films up to February 8 then draw up their list of 10 possible nominees for the 12 categories. The citers’ selections will then be forwarded to the nominators who will come up with the final five nominees or less.

Citers and nominators will be judging peers in their line of film work—directors will choose possible director nominees, actors and actresses will choose possible nominees in the four performance categories and so forth.

The final list of nominees to be submitted by the nominators will then be previewed by the Academy voters who will finally pick the winners in all categories. Citers, unlike nominators, may also qualoigy as voters.

The nominators are given the period March 1 to 15 to come up with their nominees’ lists then the voters will view the films from April 8 to 19. The awards night is tentatively scheduled on April 28, a Sunday.

The rest of the viewing schedule by the citers is as follows:

Jan. 29 (Tue)
The Healing by Chito Roño (Rated A)
The Reunion by Franco Mortiz (Rated B)

Jan. 30 (Wed)
Unofficially Yours by Cathy Garcia-Molina (Rated B)
The Mistress by Olivia Lamasan (Rated B)

Jan. 31 (Thu)
Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang by Richard Somes (Rated B)
Every Breath U Take by Mae Cruz (Rated B)

Feb. 1 (Fri)
My Kontrabida Girl by Jade Castro (Rated B)
Born to Love You by Jerome Chavez Pobocan (Rated B)

Feb. 5 (Tue)
Of All the Things by Joyce Bernal (Rated B)
A Secret Affair by Nuel Naval (Rated B)

Feb. 6 (Wed)
The Mommy Returns by Joel Lamangan (Rated A)
Sta. Niña by Emmanuel Q. Palo (Rated A)

Feb. 7 (Thu)
Tiktik: Aswang Chronicles by Erik Matti (Rated B)
El Presidente by Mark Meily (Rated A)

Feb. 8 (Fri)
Thy Womb by Brillante Mendoza (Rated A)
One More Try by Ruel Bayani (Rated A)

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