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TELERADYO FEEDBACK by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, Jul 19, 2007

The Teleradyo article (June 28 issue) had elicited some interesting feedback, not just from the readers but also from one of our web writers. Since television then was secondary only to the radio, indeed the radio programs had no equal in terms of popularity during those times. And most of the reactions of the readers have a tinge of nostalgic flavor, proof that we still have radio drama fans around.

From Tess Clarin, our co-writer here at fapweb:

“Nagbabalik na po ang Kahapon Lamang program ni Eddie Ilarde. Maririnig ito sa DZBB tuwing Sabado, mula 1:30 hanggang 2:30 ng hapon. Umpisa sa July 14, pakinggan si Eddie Ilarde sa kanyang Kahapon Lamang program… give my regards to the family, mabalos!”

From a certain Junisla:

One of the notable radio talent that you forgot to mention is Laura Hermosa, who is the mother of Tessie Tomas. Laura is the famous voice behind the drama heroines of radio and she had also appeared in some commercials, especially for laundry soaps. Laura Hermosa is actually the queen of radio drama and not Luz Fernandez as you wrote in your article.

Have you heard a radio drama lately? Here is a short excerpt:
Bata: Naku, nakita ako.
Salbahe: Ayun, ayun ang bata!
Bata: Naku, hinahabol ako… naku, malapit na kong abutan…
Salbahe: Huli ka!
Bata: Aaaaah, nahuli ako!

It is obvious that radio dramas have no improvements because they appear the same since the times of Laura Hermosa. Some might remember the overused dialogue like “Eto ang iyo, um!” or the famous “Ayan na koooo!” Those dialogues can still be heard until today, really no improvement at all.

* Based on reliable information, a 6-page long script of radio drama is paid 250 pesos hence there is no marked improvement in quality since radio drama scriptwriters write by the volume especially now that popularity (in radio) is not a fringe benefit anymore. Another factor to be considered is the cooperation and coordination of the scriptwriter with the sound effects man (without clearly specified dialogue, the resourceful sound effects man can give the same impression to the listeners). Radio dramas are still played in some AM stations primarily in DZRH during noon time and early evening, also in DZMM and DZXL.

* Yes, I stand corrected on this one. Laura Hermosa was indeed the undisputed drama queen during the popularity of the radio. Luz Fernandez, although usually cast in contravida roles, eventually inherited the throne of Laura Hermosa when Laura retired. Luz is still active today. Another name in their genre is Norma Blancaflor who also made way for the television and the movies before her eventual retirement.

From novarianzares@yahoo.com:

Ang real name po ni Kuya Cesar ay Cesar Nocum. He passed away due to emphysema (a lung disease). Namatay si Kuya Cesar sa taxi on the way sa hospital. Sumikat si Kuya Cesar sa kanyang mabagal na pagsasalita. Ito ay kabaligtaran ng style ni Mike Enriquez ng GMA-7 na napakabilis namang magsalita. Pero sabi ng anak ni Kuya Cesar ay hindi naman siya talagang mabagal mag-salita sa tunay na buhay.

Si Helen Vela ay isa ring radio talent na hindi mo nabanggit. Madalas na bida si Helen sa kanyang radio drama at sumikat din siya sa mga papel na ngongo.

* Helen Vela, was the mother of Princess Punzalan and was wife to Orly Punzalan, another known radio broadcaster. Helen died of a mysterious disease at a young age, not yet fifty. Her Dear Ate Helen program was actually very similar to the style of Tiya Dely’s program where there is a short skit based on the story of the letter-sender. Helen’s program successfully branched out to television. Helen was also a co-host of the then number one noontime TV show Student Canteen. And yes, the most remarkable of Helen’s radio drama characters is that of a ngongo (hare-lipped).

Ang isa pa pong sikat na radio announcer ay si Manolo Favis. Dati po siyang Manolong butas-butas na naging Don Manolo na ngayon. Si Don Manolo ay may radio program pa rin po tuwing gabi, kasabayan ni Dr. Love sa kabilang istasyon.

* The radio program of Don Manolo Favis airs every night at DZBB, starting at 10 pm. In collission with Dr. Love’s program at DZMM. Don Manolo’s program is a variety talk show accommodating callers and texters, tackling topics like religion, politics and anything under the sun.

Si Miss Tapia po ay may radio program din. Hindi po ba writer din ng drama si Miss Tapia bago siya napunta ng television? Sino pa po ang mga sikat na artista na nasa radyo na lang po ngayon?

* Mely Tagasa soared to popularity with her role in Iskul Bukol as the strict professor named Miss Tapia. Yes, Mely was and still is a writer for the radio. Her daughter, Gina Marissa Tagasa, is a known scriptwriter for TV. Mely’s brother, Gene Palomo, used to be the live-in partner of Inday Badiday. Her other brother, Jake, is a character actor.

* Jimmy Morato of Tisoy fame is now a radio announcer with his Showbiz Cha-Cha every late afternoon in DWIZ. With co-host Atty. Ton-ton, who is a specialist in showbiz snippets, Jimmy caters to the masa although his program is not limited to showbiz.

* Some political personalities who, directly or indirectly, benefited from their radio programs were Senator Cayetano with his Compañero image, Chiz Escudero who continued the legal advice tradition and Fred Lim with his Pasada Seis-Treinta. Of course, not to forget that Noli De Castro, before becoming senator and later vice-president, used to be a radio newscaster.

From raf2006hero@yahoo.com:

Hindi lang po sa AM radio nagkaroon ng mga tinatawag na voice superstars. Andyan din sila sa FM radio gaya ni Joey De Leon, Joe D’ Mango at Chico and Delamar.

* It is a well-known fact that before anything else, Joey De Leon was a famous disc jockey. He used to do the rounds of different FM radio stations where he met the brothers Tito and Vic Sotto. Of late, DJ Mo Twister is making waves in the FM radio with his showbiz segment called Forbidden Questions. Although controversial in nature, DJ Mo Twister is partly successful in the gimmick since he is now in television, hosting a segment of a showbiz program.

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According to the latest informal survey, Teleradyo is gaining ground in terms of listeners. As per the opinion of the majority of the listeners, it is a novelty to know that radio announcers can also be seen on TV although most of those surveyed haven’t seen the TV version of the teleradyo.

For their part, radio announcers now experience some difficulty in preparing to project their image. Giving oneself a good impression infront of the camera certainly makes way for a different kind of broadcasting. “Dati, sige-sige lang, pero ngayon iba na ang labanan. Eh nakikita ka na sa camera kaya dapat pogi ang dating mo,” quipped one radio announcer.

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