Jul 13
SCHOOLS SEEK FAP LINKAGES AND JOINT PROJECTS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jul 13, 2007

The De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and the University of the East are seeking linkages with the Film Academy of the Philippines to undertake film-related joint undertakings or projects.

In a letter to the Chairman of the Academy, Atty. Espiridion D. Laxa, Jag Garcia, chairperson of the Digital Filmmaking Program of Saint Benilde’s School of Design and Arts, requested a dialogue with the FAP with the intent of studying possible partnerships” with regard to training, exposure and exhibition, as well as opportunities for us to share resources, facilities and expertise…”

Garcia informed the Academy that the School of Design and Arts opened its new Bachelor of Arts in Digital Filmmaking Program just this schoolyear “with the hopes ot producting graduates of a creative, technical and entrepreneurial caliber that will create a positive impact in our local creative industries.”

He said that their first batch of 13 students is still undergoing their general education training but the faculty, led by Dean Gerard LV Torres, has already begun networking with a wide range of established cinematic institutions and related entities like the Academy.

He also said that a new School of Design and Arts building has been constructed along Pablo Ocampo street and was opened for the first time this present schoolyear.

In a similar vein, Engr. Gertrudo R. Regondola, associate dean of the college of engineering of UE, personally met with FAP Director General Leo G. Martinez to discuss possible tie-ups or joint programs between the university and the academy vis-à-vis film production or film appreciation.

FAP Director General Martinez said these recent development might as be the beginning of the academy’s programs that will provide linkages between the country’s educational institutions and the FAP.

He cited the Pelikulang Pampanitikan project of the Academy which intends
to transfer into digital films the masterpieces of Philippine literature which are included in our elementary, high school and college curricula.