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YOUTUBE—THINKING SMALL by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Dec 18, 2012

In the olden days, simple variety shows like Oras Ng Ligaya and ordinary sitcoms like Palibhasa Lalake seem satisfying to the tv viewers. But with the emergence of the cable channels, fierce competition can be felt.

With their attractive menu, cable channels have been continuously increasing their market share. Especially with the introduction of the digibox, reception quality is greatly improved with the HD broadcast (high definition streaming).

One year old movies are being screened in cable channels so free tv had to innovate. Aside from movies, cable TV has a wide variety of channels for varied interests like sports, nature, lifestyle and music.

Prime tv sitcoms gave way to soaps with heavy casting and unimaginable production costs. An example is the wedding scene in ABS-CBN’s Walang Hanggan which, according to sources, had a budget of P4 million.

Although a network insider said that the market of cable tv is different from the market of free tv, the ratings system shows a different picture. Viewing time for free TV had markedly diminished in favor of cable tv subscriptions.

And to make matters worse, here comes a small but terrible competitor—YOUTUBE. The largest depository of public videos, had embarked on their own internet channel called Youtube Originals.

In cable and free tv, the channeling used are numbers such as Channel 2 or Channel 7. With Youtube, channels are non-numeric like Machinima or Big Frame. There were 100 youtube original channels in 2011 and youtube is adding 50 more.

In principle, anyone can create their own youtube channel similar to creating an email address. You can imagine the loads and loads of public channels that youtube has to offer. And each channel can contain (via uploading) almost unlimited number of videos.

Original channel means it is owned by youtube. And considering the trend of communication and entertainment, the youtube original channels are intimidating enough to the tv channels, be it cable or free tv.

Majority of the people around the world are turning their eyes to mobile gadgets (cell phones and tablets) not only for communications but also for entertainment like games, music and movies.

To be competitive with television, youtube is providing budgets in producing the videos for their original channels. That’s exactly producing their own movies for uploading and sharing to the public for free.

One of the most viewed original channel is Machinima Prime. Its blurb says, “the home of the very best in episodic series, from the most amazing creators in the Machinima network as well as production companies and Hollywood studios.”

Further, they also have “sci-fi, drama, comedy, sports, fighting, guns, animation and much more!” So this particular youtube original channel is functioning exactly like a television channel.

And with the mention of Hollywood, at this early youtube’s approach to video production is sending shivers to the spine of movie productions, not only in Hollywood but also in other parts of the world like Europe and Bollywood of India.

The screen of Big Frame

Another youtube original channel is Big Frame. This channel has music for the main fare but it also offers a wide array of entertainment videos aside from the radio music. Currently, Big Frame has 31 videos.

Like free television, youtube earns from the commercial advertisements. But unlike free television which have interruptions, youtube videos are continuous since the advertisements are by the side of the screen.

The better the programs and shows, the more viewers. And the more viewers, the more advertisers that would surely bring in the money. For convenience to the viewers, Youtube channels can be interconnected to facebook and twitter accounts.

Here’s a short list of the more popular Youtube original channels:
• Alli Sports, Alli Sports
• Bedrocket Media Ventures, Official Comedy
• Bleacher Report, Bleacher Report
• CafeMom, CafeMom Studios
• Demand Media, eHow Pets & Animals
• Electus, Food Channel (name TBD)
• Hearst Magazines, Car and Driver Television
• New Nation Networks, New Nation Networks
• Radical Media, Education Channel (name TBD)
• The Nerdist Channel, The Nerdist Channel

While television is thinking big with their flat screens and movies are thinking big with their wide screens, youtube is thinking small. So the question now is not only about the size but also the portability.

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