Nov 13
LVN STUDIO’S STABLE OF ACTRESSES by Tante de Ramos  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Nov 13, 2012

Last week, we regaled readers with an enumeration of the stable of actresses managed by Sampaguita Pictures whose studio was then located at Gilmore Street in Quezon City.

Several few kilometers away was the LVN Studio then the stable of an equally impressive group of actresses whom we now tick off as we did with the Sampaguita beauties last week. They included:

Carmencita Abad—Her first appearances included Kumander 13 and No Money, No Honey, both with co-star Jaime dela Rosa.

Emma Alegre—Her first movie was Dalaginding which was followed by Basta Ikaw, a musical shot in location and directed by Manuel Conde who made the classic Genghis Khan.

Nida Blanca—Her early films included Romansa sa Nayon (1952) and Iskuwater (1953), both co-starring Nestor de Villa who became as her reel love team partner. But she also co-starred with Pancho Magalona in Tayo’y Magsaya (1960) which was directed by Felicing Constantino.

Norma Blancaflor—She made two fiolms in 1947: Isang Libong Pisong Kagandahan with co-star Rogelio dela Rosa; and Sumpaan with co-stars Tony Arnaldo and Ely Ramos Sr.

Aida Carino—She starred in Ikaw Kasi with the Nida Blanca-Nestor de Villa tandem under the direction of Manuel Conde.

Lilia Dizon—Two of her most popular films included Kandelerong Pilak where she p[ortrsayed the role of an amazon opposite Teody Belarmino and Bathaluman, a fantasy drama where she played a sculture who came to life.

Celia Flor—She appeared in Pasiya ng Langit (1954) and Panyolitong Bughaw with Mario Montenegro as her leading man.

Rebecca Gonzales—Her early films included Waling- waling (1948) and Ginto (1949),where she co-starred with Jaime dela Rosa and Delia Razon under the direction of Manuel Silos.

Lita Gutierrez—She made a splash with Alembong in the title role and then the 1958 film Hiwaga ng Pag-ibig opposite co-stars Val Castelo, Pugo Johnny Reyes and Rosa Agulrre as dirfected by Nitoy Katindig.

Nita Javier—Her three oiustanding films included Conde de Amor with Val Castelo as her leading man; the 1957 film Krisalis with Nestor de Villa, Delia Razon, Jaime dela Rosa and Rebecca del Rio under the direction of Susana de Guzman; and Ay Pepita with Mario Montenegro.

Letty Libon—She appeared in Nasaan Ka, Irog (1957), a drama musical with Mario Montenegro, Val Castelo and Lita Gutierrez which was directed by Jose Climaco. Another film was Princess, a comedy directed by Manuel Silos.

Cecilia Lopez—She appeared in thse three outstanding films: Anak ng Berdugo (1955) with Armando Goyena and Johnny Reyes, directed by Richard Abelardo; Pintor Kulapol (1957) Mario Montenegro; and Gintong Pangarap opposite Rogelio dela Rosa.

Lourdes Medel—She appeared in the Palos series with Bernanrd Bonnin in the title role and Walang Hanggan.

Lorna Mirasol—She appeared in Hiram na Asawa with Maro Montenegro, Carlos Salazar, Cecilia Lopez and Emma Alegre under the direction of Susana de Guzman.

Mila Ocampo—She appeared in the film Maturan at Lagnan which starred two Twag ng Tanghalan grand champions Diomedes Maturan and Cenon Lagman and Marita Zobel under the direction of Nitoy Katindig.

Tessie Quintana—She appeared in so many films between the 1948 Puting Bantayog and the 1953 Ligaw Tingin with Armando Goyena as her reel loveteam partner . In Dalagang Nayon, she co-starred with Carlos Salazar under the direction of Artemio Marquez.

Delia Razon—Her films included Dakilang Pagpapakasakit (1954), Ilaw sa Karimlan (1956) and Topo-Topo (1957) all opposite with Mario Montenegro.

Rosa Rosal—She began her villainess career with the 1951 film Prinsipe Amante sa Rubitanya with Rogelio dela Rosa, Delia Razon and Ben Rubio under the direction of Lamberto Avellana. She won as best actress in the FAMAS awards for her performance in Sonny Boy.

Rosa del Rosario—With her perennial leading man Leopoldo Salcedo, she appeared in such films as Walang Sugat (1939), Ilang-ilang (1941), Neneng Ko (1952) and Kundiman ng Lahi.

Chona Sandoval—Belonging to the Salvador clan, she pearred in Combo Festival with her brother Lou Salvador Jr. and in Frankie with Hector Reyes as her leading man.

Mila del Sol—She first appeared in the first film version of Ibong Adarna directed by Vicente Salumbides and Prinsipeng Hindi Tumatawa with Rogelio dela Rosa and Erlinda Cortez under the direction of Manuel Conde.

Charito Solis—Her best actress award winning roles included Kndiman ng Lahi and the 1960 film Emily.

Luz Valdez—She appeared in the 1959 film Detective Maturan with Diomedes Maturan, Pugo, Lopito and Patsy as directed by Nitoy Katindig.

Evelyn Villar—She appeared in Probinsiyano with Jamie dela Rosa in the title roler, Milagros Naval and Alfonso Carvajal under the direction of Tony Arnaldo.

Marita Zobel—She appeared in Botika sa Baryo with Diomedes Maturan under the direction of Nitoy Katindig and in Si Marita at ang Pitong Duwede opposite Robert Campos directed by Susana de Guzman.

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