Jul 05
DENNIS T. by Butch Macaro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, Jul 5, 2007

Trillo is synonymous to a trillion dollars. Its sound is like music that brings thrills and tremendous excitement among his thousands of shrieking fans. Thrilling is an appropriate adjective one can think about Dennis Trillo. Like thrilla in Manila. Something great, something magnanimous.

The first time I saw him in his first starring role as a gay Filipino spy during the Japanese Occupation in Aishite Imasu, I was reminded how I also cheered and prophesied bright futures for the likes of Cogie Domingo, Lovi Poe and Sam Milby. I really got floored with enthusiasm and positive vibes in seeing and knowing that they had joined showbiz. I have proven right for my positive intuitions although there was a mild disappointing decline in the bid for stardom on Cogie’s career. I have no solid idea why his movie career is somewhat losing steam, but Lovie Poe is still wowing them with a favorable increase in popularity in terms of movie and television assignments plus a handful of commercials to her credit.

Dennis Trillo was a fantastic revelation in his first movie together with Raymart Santiago, Judy Ann Santos and Jay Manalo as the Japanese officer who fell for Dennis’ character. He deftly handled his patriotic gay role and I personally told him that he will bag an award in the Film Academy’s Luna Awards, together with Jay Manalo and Jaclyn Jose. He was very convincing as a gay lover and there was no lull in his acting throughout the entire film. But it was a wise decision for him not accept any more gay roles after that historic film. Although it has brought him to the limelight overnight, it did not hamper his ability to portray other roles in the preceding films he made. He tried other challenging roles in action and drama and passed it with the proverbial flying colors.

Dennis up to this present time has never been involved in any controversies even outside his confine as a respected film actor. He was able to maintain his credibility as a person of respectable character by eluding negative write ups.

Dennis has also been implicated in some controversies but I consider them mild ones because he has proven himself innocent and has nothing to do with any of them. At the present situation, Dennis as he claims it, is not involved in any way with women in and out of show business. Many had been written about his liaison with a beauty title holder Carlene Aguilar but they parted ways without any clear reason for the break up. It could be their busy schedules that hamper the relationship. Recently, news about Carlene being pregnant had suddenly accusing fingers pointed to Dennis as the ‘culprit’ which he, however, vehemently denied.

The news about Carlene’s pregnancy was confirmed when a TV personality chanced at her in the States. Dennis admitted he had not seen Carlene lately that he could not deny nor confirm her pregnancy. Earlier, Dennis denied the rumors that he has something to do with Carlene’s pregnancy but the press people nagged him on the issue and no matter how he tries to be as cool as he can, he cannot hide his irritation over the repeated and insistent questions about the pregnancy.

Dennis is known to be among the showbiz personalities with an even temper and with full control over his emotions. But on repeated questioning about the pregnancy issue, Dennis once raised his voice a little and begged off instead to deal on other matters relative to his career and latest film projects. He put heavy emphasis on not knowing anything about the issue. Carlene herself has reportedly denied that Dennis has anything to do with it but refused just the same to divulge the identity of the man behind her condition.

Dennis was quick in shifting to other less scandalous matters and began talking about his new CD. The cover shows him with only his pants on, both arms raised behind his back holding a guitar. That was the sexiest shot he ever had so far but the picture was not used in the album cover for fear it might be too explicit and might affect his showbiz personality as a decent performer. The debut CD of Dennis included the carrier single All Out of Love, the remake of Love is All that Matters, Ogie Alcasid’s composition of Para Sayo and a duet with Regine Velasquez of Magtatagpong Muli.

Dennis was understandably overwhelmed by his new album which was launched at the Virgin Café. Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid are the owners of IndiMusic which produced the album for Dennis who expressed his thanks to all the people who helped made the album possible, including his fans and his family, the executives and staff of GMA and TAPE Inc, Mother Lily and Roselle Monteverde-Teo and his manager Popoy Caritativo. He never mentioned Carlene A. among the people he owed much for his album. Dennis is thrilled that aside from being an actor, he is now officially a recording star which has been the greatest dream of his life. He enjoys both world and singing is so far taking much of his time.

The latest intrigue in his movie career has been played up in the internet where he fell victim in Friendster together with Jay Manalo, Richard Gutierrez, Albert Martinez, Dieter Ocampo and Jericho Rosales with their nude pictures showing their sex organs in full blast. But on closer examination, one will notice the pictures have been faked. This has been going on for sometime now which include some female stars that most of them ignore the existence. Dennis just laughed it off as part of his being in the movies.

His Super Twins where he co-starred with Jennylyn Mercado and Nadine Samonte was a top rater during its run. With his string of film hits and successful telenovelas, it is inevitable that he will be compared with another actor from the Kapamilya part of the fence, Sam Milby of ABS-CBN. They are considered two of the most popular actors in their era. Maybe some creative people will come up with a well crafted script with them in the lead, perhaps as half brothers. That will be a well meaning movie to look forward to.

Lately, Dennis together with Ara Mina and Gladys Guevarra had a show at the 3rd US-Philippine Expo at the New Jersey Convention Center for two days. They were received warmly by the Pilipino Community sponsored by the Topnotch Electronics. Gladys was a big riot as comedian Chuchay. It was the first time that Dennis had a show abroad and, despite his jitters, he rendered a song that sent the female audience raving. He even invited a lucky female fan up the stage and gladly consented for a kiss. This sent the signal for the other female fans to rush up the stage to encircle him for more kisses and picture taking.

Ara Mina on the other hand sang and invited some male guests on stage just the same for a kiss. A long line of male admirers took turns in kissing her. Gladys met a new inspiration in New Jersey, a Fil-Am businessman based in New Jersey with a branch office in New York. Seems they are now singing beautiful songs together.

After Super Twins, Dennis will soon start Impostora, another TV series with Iza Calzado and Sunshine Dizon under the direction of Mario delos Reyes. Plans are underway for Dennis to star with Angel Locsin at Regal Film for still untitled movie.

Dennis celebrated his last birthday at Barrackz Bar along Morato in Quezon City with Angel Locsin, Dingdong Dantes, Valerie Concepcion, Camille Pratts, Marian Rivera, Malou Choa-Fagar, Mother Lily, the cast of Super Twins and Cristine Reyes in attendance.

How true are rumors that something beautiful is going on between Dennis and Cristine Reyes. Dennis is wondering how such rumors can easily turn from flame to conflagration. He, however, admits that he is not affected in anyway about this kind of rumors and takes it as part of his being an actor. What is important is that he is given juicy roles both in television and the movies. He is giving full concentration on his movie career and admits he will not allow anything to affect what he has worked for conscientiously to be where he is now.