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MOVIES ABROAD by Corie Henson  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, Sep 24, 2012

It used to be Hollywood, not only for glamor but also for business because for a film to be released in the international market, it has to pass by Hollywood. But with the changing technology, the landscape of movies worldwide has changed as well.

A few years after the new millennium, Bollywood got to be noticed. With the declining box office worldwide, parang hindi affected ng slump ang Indian movies perhaps mainly due to its huge market.

Although officially a British film, Oscar winner Slum Dog Millionaire can be considered an Indian movie. Shot on location in Mumbai, India, it was about a game show where the winner can be a millionaire.

The primary indication of the movie industry’s health is the box office sales. Ayon sa law of supply and demand – pag maraming moviegoers ay dadami ang movies. Simply put, everything depends on the box office sales.

Yang box office sales ang target ng American movies sa China. The most populous country, China is a good source of box office sales. Since Chinese are now learning English, hindi na balakid ang so-called language barrier.


It’s good to note that the Chinese moviegoers have the penchant for 3D movies. The 3D version of Titanic earned $153 million when shown in China this year. Pero ang highest grossing 3D is Avatar.

Chinese moviegoers watching the 3D film Painted Skin II

If one will compute the cost of tickets for the 3D movies, that’s $19 for the regular 3D and $28 for the Imax in China. Halos kapareho lang ng halaga dito sa Pilipinas. That means kumikita talaga ang 3D at Imax sa buong mundo.

For some technical notes, ang Painted Skin II ay isang 2D film o regular movie. Ginawa lang itong 3D sa post production. Pero mas maganda siyempre kung 3D camera ang ginamit sa shooting at walang conversion sa editing.

But it is sad to note that the Philippines still have to come up with a 3D movie. Masyado raw kasing mahal ang production cost dahil ang camera rental is as high as 50,000 pesos per day and the editing has its own technical idiosyncrasy. Siguro natatakot pa ang mga producers but I’m sure the 3D technology will be popular in the years to come.


The first Saudi movie was recently premiered in Venice. Wadjda, the title of the movie, was directed by Haifaa Al Mansour, an Arabian woman. This is a milestone in the global movie industry.

Especially for women, Wadjda will be very interesting. Saudi Arabia has the strictest society when it comes to the issue of gender – hindi puwedeng maghalubilo ang mga babae sa lalaki – there is a traditional segregation.

Even in the shooting, the restrictions posed challenges to the production team. Being a woman (not allowed to freely talk to men), the director had to stay in the vehicle and needed to use a phone to give instructions to the crew.

This is the first time that foreigners will get to see the true picture of a Saudi society. Wadjda is the story of a young girl who had wanted a bicycle to race with a neighborhood boy.

Wadjda is actually the little girl in the story played by 12-year old Waad Mohammed. Dito makikita ang pagbale-wala sa kanya ng kanyang ama dahil ang pangarap nito (father) ay ang magkaroon ng anak na lalake. To that effect, the father is trying to get a second wife.

The story revolves around the green bicycle that Wadjda hopes to buy. Halos lahat ay gagawin ni Wadjda, from selling bracelets up to joining a Quran reading contest, para lang makamit ang kanyang pangarap na bisikleta.

This Saudi film clearly shows the status of women in Saudi Arabia. At ito marahil ang isang attraction ng Wadjda, ang culture lalo na ang treatment ng society sa mga Saudi women and girls.

Director Haifaa Al Mansour got help from Razor Studios, isang German production company nakagawa na ng Palestinian movies. Paradise Now at ang Waltz With Bashir ay kapuwa nanalo sa Golden Globe awards for best foreign film.

For Filipinos, it is surprising to note that Wadjda will not be shown in Saudi Arabia. But for Saudis, it is understandable because there are no moviehouses in the country. Pero mapapanood pa rin daw ang Wadjda sa Saudi TV soon.

Siguro, ang tagumpay ng Wadjda ay dahil na rin sa full support ng Royal family ng Saudi Arabia. Pero sa kabila ng nasabing suporta, si Al Mansour ay nakakatanggap ng death threats from time to time.

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