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THE MAKING OF YAKMAN by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, Sep 17, 2012

Yakman The Gigil King is considered the comeback movie of Leo Martinez as a comedian. From the script of Soxie Topacio who also plays a role, Yakman explores the sexual problems of middle-aged men in a humorous way.

Aside from Soxie, also lending support are comedians Danny “Brownie” Pansalin of Ober the Bakod, novelty singer Vincent Dafalong, Amay Bisaya and Dinky Doo. Even Robert Miller who is a ubiquitous kontrabida was given a funny role.

For the leading ladies, a search was undertaken. Unfortunately, some named actresses were not able to join for some reason or another. The Yakman team, however, was able to select from the numerous pretty faces that heeded the casting call.

The msyterious dance studio owned by Maximo Olivarez

On the first day of shooting in Cubao, Quezon City, fans unexpectedly swarmed on Leo Martinez with their cameras. Despite the warm weather, there was a man with his daughter who stayed in the set until the last take.

In another location, it was unfortunate that the circuit breaker broke down while the lighting units were being prepared. It was a good thing that an electrician was nearby to lend a hand. In less than an hour, the lights were back.

Rylan Flores, who played the Urologist, was actually an orthopedic surgeon. A look-alike of Steven Segal, his role was Steve Tinio, with a middle initial of T. The end of the scene was supposed to reveal Dr. Tinio as a gay but the doctor refused to be pictured as such.

The main cast of Yakman: Meg Vargas, Ghen Gabriel, Leo Martinez as Yakman, Boochie Inoue, Katrina Espe, Rachel Verzosa. In the front row are Gladys Giducos, Rheena Illut, Charm Chua, Audrey Diaz

Moving camp to the compound of Mowelfund (Movie Workers Welfare Foundation) after dinner, the heat was almost unbearable come midnight. Worse, the canteen was already closed so even drinking water became a precious commodity.

In one scene where Leo Martinez and Soxie Topacio were drinking, Soxie ad libbed with “Ang hirap inumin pag walang yelo.” They were drinking real liquor and the staff couldn’t find ice.

The last location for the first day was the For D’ Boys bar in EDSA Balintawak owned by film director Bert Ortega. Direk Bert also played a role, that of Baby, the bar owner.

The shooting in the bar started after midnight so Production Manager Vangie Bulay had to cook macaroni soup for everyone’s nourishment. The cooking and eating implements were courtesy of Direk Bert’s bar.

The beer house scene

Palmera Homes in Novaliches was the main location for the second day of shooting. There was a big crowd which was controlled by a host of Barangay tanods. By the way, the Barangay did not charge any fee except for tokens to the tanods.

Speaking of Barangay, the permit to shoot is 2,500 pesos. Some scenes to be shot in a mall were cancelled due to the exorbitant shooting fee. The 3 malls prospected were in unison with a fee of 25,000 plus tokens for the security guards.

In the scene with a rain effect, leading lady Ghen Gabriel was walking with an umbrella. With the camera already grinding, the take was perfect until Ghen broke the ice, “Direk, dito na ba ako magda-dialogue?”

In an earlier scene, another leading lady Meg Vargas suffered first day jitters. She buckled repeatedly in delivering her line, “Habang tumatagal ay tumitigas kaya masarap isubo,” referring to the pan de sal.

The beach scene: Amay Bisaya, Jimmin Jane Garcia, Danny Pansalin a.k.a. Brownie, Kisses Dumanlong, Vincent Dafalong, Katrina Espe, Marie Ricafort, Sofia Monica Catubig and Yakman himself

In the location shoot in Punta De Uian in San Antonio, Zambales, the cast and crew were treated to fine dining breakfast by the resort owner herself, Mrs. Norma Gipulan. For dinner, there was the pile of fried chicken with matching pancit.

Punta De Uian’s swimming pool provided comfort for the cast and crew as they took a dip in the warm night. The beach scene in night effect can be considered a masterpiece.

Punta De Uian was named after Uian Gipulan, the only son of the owners. According to Lorie Castillo, Yakman’s production designer, the classy beach resort definitely added to the movie’s production value.

Being Yakman’s sponsor in Zambales, Col. Jimmy Tiu was the one who sourced out the location. Col. Tiu, former chairman of FAMAS, also played a walk-in role in the movie.

In a romantic scene where Yakman was kissing his leading lady, the director inadvertently forgot to say “cut” when he attended to his cellphone. Everyone was surprised to hear the sound of footsteps of the director who was walking away from the set.

Another memorable location was the Parks And Wildlife in Quezon City. In a scene where Leo Martinez and Ghen Gabriel were riding in tandem, they almost took a spill atop the bike. Some incidental extras were the buko vendor and the sorbetero in the parks and wildlife.

The bakery scene

In a poignant scene where Katrina Espe was crying, Yakman would appear to console the stranger. Katrina, who was playing the role of Mildred, got carried away by her crying such that she introduced herself with the line, “I’m Kat.”

With an R-13 rating by the MTRCB, Yakman will premiere on September 25 at Cinema 5 in SM City North and will be shown in theaters nationwide in the first week of October.

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