Sep 03
ACTORS SIGN UP WITH PRSP by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, Sep 3, 2012

Taking advantage of the Luna Awards night, PRSP held the signing for assignors of deeds on August 26 at the Quezon City Sports Club.

First to arrive was Phillip Salvador. A chance meeting occurred between Phillip and his niece Deborah Sun (Gigi Salvador). Other early birds were Chanda Romero, Julie Ann Fortich, Rez Cortez and daughter Cai Cortez, Jim Pebanco.

PRSP Chairman Leo Martinez in a souvenir shot with some Assignors: Rez Cortez, Phillip Salvador, Deborah Sun, Julie Ann Fortich, Chanda Romero, Cai Cortez

Performers Rights Society of the Philippines chairman Leo Martinez gave a short explanation on the purpose of PRSP. That it is a collecting agent for the royalties of performers, i.e. actors, singers, dancers and other performers.

Before signing the deed of assignment.

Before the start of the signing, Bobby Andrews arrived followed by Dulce then Rey PJ Abellana. And before the first batch of actors were done with the signing, Joel Torre and Mike Magat entered the hall.

Latecomers were Bembol Roco, violinist John Lesaca and Mitch Valdez. John is the vice president of PRSP while Mitch is the president. Former teenage singer Eva Vivar came with Luz Valdez.

Luz Valdez, Eva Vivar, Amay Bisaya

Actors like Robert Arevalo and Katya Santos who were attending the Luna Awards also joined in the signing.

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