May 31
LAST 8 FILMS TO GO FOR LUNA AWARDS CITERS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, May 31, 2007

The citers for the 25th or silver anniversary version of the Luna Awards have four remaining screening days to review eight CEB-rated films after having previewed 21 films.

The Film Academy of the Philippines citers have gone through 11 screening days, starting last May 7 wherein six citers chalked up a perfect attendance. They have four more screening days, the last slated for June 8.

The six citers who attended all the previous 11 screening days were: Jun Rasca and Ramon Marcelino, both cinematographers; editor Cielito Santillan; Gladys Villanueva and Manny Rodriguez, both scriptwriters; and sound engineer Greg Ella.

Six other citers reported for 10 screening days. They were musical scorers Josefino Cenizal, Olivia Cenizal and Pablo Vergara; production designer John Portugal; and scriptwriters Pablo Gomez and Franco Deocareza.

Those who attended nine screening days were cinematographers Arnold Alvaro and Oscar Quirijero; Zahn Garduce of OSFILM; production designer Judy Lou Pio; and scriptwriter Juan Brilliantes. Attendees in eight screening days were director Felix Dalay; cinematographer Roger Estrada; editor Danny Gloria; scriptwriters Jose Datiles, Pablo Libiran and Vic Dabao; and sound engineer Ramon Ramos.

All in all, 29 films which were rated A or B by the Cinema Evaluation Board in 2006 are eligible for nominations for 13 categories of the Luna awards.

The citers are expected to submit the cited works and performances by June 15 after which the nominators will view all films which received citations from June 18 to 29 at the boardroom of the Film Academy of the Philippines at the OctoArts building on Panay avenue—the same venue used by the citers.

The nominators will submit their final list of nominees starting on July 2 and the announcement of the nominees will be held on July 6. The voters will then view the nominated films at the University of the Philippines Theater in Diliman, Quezon City, from July 9 to 17.

At this point, the citers have actually screened 16 films—with one, Till I Met You, starring Robin Padilla and Regine Velasquez to be re-previewed because the DVD disc was defective and the screening was not completed.

Already screened were Unitel Films’ Inang Yaya, Seiko Films’ I Wanna Be Happy, GMA/Regal Films’ Moments of Love, Star Cinema’s Sukob, Regal Films’ TXT, Regal Films’ White Lady, Regal Films’ Super Noypi, Centerstage Productions’ Kaleldo, Regal Films’ Pamahiin, MLR Films’ Kubrador, Centerstage Productions’ Twilight Dancers, Maverick Films’ Barcelona, GMA/Regal Entertainment Inc.’s I Will Always Love You, Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Shake Rattle & Roll 8 and Star Cinema’s Don’T Give Up on Us.

Screened in the last three viewing days were Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Eternity; Star Cinema’s Close To You; Star Cinema’s Donsol; Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah; Imus Productions’ Kapag Tumibok ang Puso; and Star Cinema’s First Day High.

Hereunder is the schedule of the remaining films:

June 1 (Friday)
LIGALIG CM Productions

June 4 (Monday)
ANG PAMANA Phil. Convergence Ent.

June 6 (Wednesday)
PACQUIAO THE MOVIE FLT Films Intl./Star Cinema

June 8 (Friday)