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NCCA, FAP FORGE SINE PANITIK MOA by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Jul 10, 2012

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts and the Film Academy of the Philippines signed last Thursday, July 5, a memorandum of agreement for the Sine Panitik project which aims to adapt into films the rich treasure trove of Filipino literary masterpieces.

The MOA was signed by NCCA Executive Director Emelita V. Almosara (CESO IV) and FAP Director General Leo G. Martinez with Ms. Mylene Urriza (NCCA) and Mr. Manny Morfe (FAP treasurer) as witnesses.

NCCA Executive Director Emelita V. Almosara (CESO IV) and FAP Director General Leo G. Martinez

Also present during the MOA signing were Mr. Mike Rapatan (chairman of the NCCA cinema committee) and Dra. Maria Corazon Lopez of the Office of the DepEd secretary.

Dr. Maria Corazon Lopez of the Office of the DepEd secretary and Director Jose G. Carreon, head of selection committee of the project

The NCCA, in effect, committed P460,000 in support for the scriptwriting portion of the project. On July 10, the NCCA already released to the Academy the first trance of its subsidy—a check in the amount of P138,000.

Under the MOA, the NCCA will complete total subsidy of Sine Panitik in two other tranches—the second tranche of P276,000 and a last tranche of P46,000.

NCCA Executive Director Emelita V. Almosara (CESO IV) and FAP Director General Leo G. Martinez. At left is Dr. Mike Rapatan, head of Cinema Committee, and Director William Mayo of the Film Academy

With the MOA signing, the Academy officially announced the scriptwriting contest that will select the seven Filipino short story classics that will first be adapted into films—possibly in the form of trilogies. (see separate news item on Sine Panitik scriptwriting contest)

The FAP and the NCCA will coordinate with other government agencies specially to ensure that students will have access to view the Sine Panitik films, including the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) which runs the annual Metro Manila Film Festival and the Department of Education (DepEd).

Souvenir shot during the launching rites

Another partner agency shall be tapped to provide the budget for the actual production of the literary works into films.

For a better understanding of Sine Panitik, let us reprint the Project Background portion of the Project Proposal the FAP submitted to the NCCA:

“In current film projects, little energy is given to the development of Filipino literature into visual materials that could augment the education of our students in our Filipino authors and our indigenous literary works.

Sine Panitik was conceived to answer this need. It is a film project that is intended to showcase published literary works by Filipino authors— alamat, children’s stories, poetry, short stories, novels, plays—literature that are being taught in our elementary, high school and college levels.

In this project, selected Filipino literary works will be interpreted visually in digital format as full-length feature and short films, by selected film-makers.

The finished films will be shown in scheduled exhibitions in theatres in Metro Manila. Eventually, the materials will also be shown in other key cities in selected provinces with students as the primary targeted viewers at popular prices (P50). In areas without theatres, mobile exhibitions may also be arranged in coordination with local schools and organizations. Ultimately, the finished films will also be reproduced in DVDs to be distributed extensively at popular prices to schools, libraries, to educators, students, to embassies and consulates, and to the general public.”