Jun 08
MOWELFUND EXTENDS LIVELIHOOD ASSISTANCE by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jun 8, 2007

Mowelfund members may still avail of the livelihood assistance program which will be implemented up to the end of the year.

During the Board of Governors meeting of the Film Academy of the Philippines last week, Mowelfund Executive Director Boots Anson-Roa enjoined Mowelfund members to avail themselves of this program.

Under the program, the Mowelfund will extend financial assistance in the form of loans to each member who will get involved in the following livelihood projects:

–The manufacture of liquid and powder clansing products like dishwashing liquid, car shampoo, fabric softener and powder detergent with a P5,000 fund assistance for each member.

–The manufacture of perfume and cologne with a P5,000 fund assistance for each member.

–Food processing with a P5,000 fund assistance for each member.

–Ambulant food cart operations to sell Belgian waffles, Hongkong balls and shawarma with P30,000 and P40,000 fund assistance for each member.

–Sari-sari store business.

–Hair-cutting enterprises.

–Basic computer skills training.

Ms. Anson-Roa explained that these progams will provide an alternative source of income for Mowelfund members in view of the decline in film production these past few years. It is Mowelfund’s intention to uplift the socio-econonomic condition of its members, as well as engender self-reliance and a sense of rsponsibility to these beneficiaries.

The following qualifications will entitle any Mowelfund member in such livelihood assistance funds:

–Membership in the Mowelfund for at least two years though beneficiaries or dependents of an active Mowelfund member can also avail of these financial help.

–Present lack of sufficient source of income to support his/her family.

–In possession of skills in direct selling as well as a willingness to undergo training in basic business management.

–Absence of derogatory records, including being accused or charged of any crime involving moral turpitude like estafa.

–Willingness to comply with the terms and conditions set forth by the Mowelfund for the operation of the Livelihood Assistance Program, including the repayment of loans within the period of two to five months as the case may be.

Interested members may submit their application letters or call up Mowelfund to signify their intention to avail of the loan assistance. Members may contact Ms. Ma. Theresa Mabunga or Ms. Jacquelyn Patual, tel. nos. 727-1961 or 727-1915.