May 19
EMAIL DIRECTORY FOR FAP MEMBERS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, May 19, 2006

Director General Leo G. Martinez called for inter-action among members of the different guilds of the Film Academy of the Philippines through E-mail as a means of encouraging more cooperation and communication among people concerned with the deteriorating situation vis-à-vis the local film industry.

He said that the FAP Website will run a regular column or section for a directory of actors, actresses, directors, scriptwriters and other creative people working in the film industry.

For starter, the FAB website is printing a list of 113 FAP members’ E-mail addresses.
The list was furnished by Ms. Raquel Paz of the Actors’ Workshop Foundation.

Other FAP members who have their E-mail registered are requested to send their addresses to the FAP by contacting Ms. Ana Fajardo and Ms. Charlotte Dugtong of the FAP secretariat thru tel. nos. 415-3547 (locals 820 and 807) and 415-3880 and cell phone nos. 0915-7801652 and 0922-8074338.

Hereunder is the directory of the currently available E-mail addresses: