May 12
ABC OF BOLD ACTORS by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, May 12, 2006

By Tante de Ramos

(FAP Website trivia writer Tante de Ramos enumerates some thirty young studs who have at least made their presence in the local film industry as bold actors. Several Websites ago, Mr. De Ramos also wrote about young sexy actresses. This lineup serves as a companion piece.—JC)

According to Tante, the following young actors undoubtedly deserved being included in his list of film studs:

Raffy Anido – He starred In Saranggani with Via Veloso and other sexy hunks and in Pilya with co-stars Trina Shields in the title role. He was nominated in the PMPC Star Awards for Movies as best new movie actor.

Bobby Benitez – An assistant director and an officer of the Assistant Directors-Production Designers Guild, Bobby appeared in Selos with Cherry Madrigal with whom he had a sizzling love scene on a floating raft. They also appeared in another movie with Cesar Montano. He also co-starred with Amanda Amores in Hudas where the late character actor Romy Diaz was also in the cast.

Toffee Calma – Blessed with a manly physique, this protégée of Director Joey Gosiengfiao appeared in Bawal with an impressive casdt that included Chanda Romero, Aya Medel, Gardo Versoza, Leo Rabago, Elizabeth Oropesa and Maria Isabel Lopez. This was megged by Cesar Evangelista.

Mon Confiado – The son of a vetean character actor, Mon appeared in Ako, Siya o Ikaw with Rose Valencia, Trina Shields, Ilonah Marquez, Nixon Cruz and Jek Montelibano. He played the role of a gay here.

Anthony Cortez – In Taurus Films’ Masikip Ang Daan Papunta sa Langit, he appeared opposite Rita Magdalena, Alyssa Alvarez and Von Serra which produced by Taurus Films. He co-starred with Anna Capri, Ma. Isabel Lopez and Carlos Morales in Tibok.

Nixon Cruz – He had an ocho-ocho scene in Ako, Siya o Ikaw with Trina Shields here. His other co-stars were Ilonah Marquez, Rose Valencia, Jeanette Joaquin, Mon Confiado and Jek Montelibano.

Mark Dionisio – He starred in Kainan sa Highway with Maye Tongco, Nikka Madrid, Rizza Rossini, Ryan Muñoz and the Milkmen under Vincent Films.

Francis Enriquez – He appeared in Pilya with Trina Shields. The cast also included Mr. Davao City 2002 winner Kenjie Miguel.

Alberto de Esteban – He made a sex film with co-stars Aleck Bovick and other hunks. He also appeared with Barbara Milano in another film.

Daniel Fernando – He appeared in the classic Scorpio Nights with Orestes Ojeda. The film, which was directed by Peque Gallaga, was an entry in the Toronto International Film Festival. Daniel had some bold films to his credit but later on shifted to action and dramatic films.

Jeffrey Gonzales – In Sulyap, he starred opposite Isabel Reyes, Alma Soriano, Fernando Montenegro and Lukas Estrada, a protégée of Dr. Lito dela Merced of Shangten Films. He co-starred with Rita Magdalena, Hazel Espinosa and Ian Valdez, a gay impersonator and beauty pageant organizer, in Masakit, Huwag Ipilit.

Simon Ibarra – He appeared in Xerex: The Series with Aubrey Miles, Jenine Desiderio, Stella L., John Apacible, Gerald Lauron and John Hail. This was produced by X2 Productions and directed by Erik Matti. In stage, he appeared as an alternate of Allan Paule in Maynila, Sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag, directed by Joven Velasco.

Gerald Lauron – He appeared in Sex Scandal with Allen Dizon, JP Obligacion, Isabela Gomez, Danna Garcel and Anne Borromeo. The film was directed by Francis ‘Jun’ Posadas and released thru Angora Films. In Mapanukso he co-starred with Clarissa Mercado, Tracy Torres, Emilio Garcia and JP Obligacion. This was produced by Leo Films of Sixto Dy.

Jek Montelibano – He appeared in Ako, Siya o Ikaw with Rose Valencia, Trina Shields, Ilonah Marquez, Jeanette Joaquin, Mon Confiado and Nixon Cruz.

Marcus Madrigal – He starred In Mapupulang Labi with Maye Tongco and Candy Allison under Wild World Films directed by Joey Romero.

Wilson Morales – He was introduced in Babae sa Breakwater which starred Katherine Luna and Gardo Versoza. This was directed by Mario O’Hara and produced by Entertainment Warehouse Inc.

Ryan Muñoz – He appeared in Alipin Maye Tongco and in Temptasyon which starred Kat de Santos, Jasmine Collins, Ava Henson, Alma Conception, Dante Balboa and Maria Isabel Lopez. It was produced by Glen Fernandez under the direction of Francis ‘Jun’ Posadas. He also starred in Kainan sa Highway with Maye Tongco, Nikka Madrid, Mark Dionisio and the Milkmen.

Lauren Novero – A 2001 Bodyshot finalist who appeared in the commercials of Red Horse, Lauren was a protegee of Iman Esturco. He auditioned for the digital film Mga Pusang Gala and was chosen to play the role of the lover of Ricky Davao who played a gay. It was produced and directed by Ellen Ongkiko and released thru Seiko Films.

JP Obligacion – He appeared in Sex Scandal with Isabella Gomez, Danna Garcel, Anne Boromeo, Allen Dizon and Gerald Lauron. It was released by Angora Films and helmed by Francis ‘Jun’ Posadas. He was also featured in Mapanukso with Tracy Torres, Clarissa Mercado, Gerald Lauron and Emilio Garcia for producer Sixto Dy of Leo Films.

Orestes Ojeda – He starred in the controversial but classic Scorpio Nights. He also appeared in Dingding Lang ang Pagitan with Olivia Ortiz and Maria Isabel Lopez. He shifted to action and drama films later on in his showbiz career.

Allan Paule – He created ripples with a frontal nudity in Ang Lalake sa Buhay ni Selya. His co-stars were Rosanna Roces and Ricky Davao who portrayed a gay. In Nene, he starred with Daniella, Natasha Ledesma, Sabrina M., Allan de Dios, Roy Rodrigo and Brandon Ramirez. He also starrewd in Walang Katapusang Init with Rustom Padilla and Daisy Reyes under the direction of Joey Romero for Regal Entertainment. He was in the cast of Magandang Hatinggabi with Eula Valdez which was directed by Laurenti Dyogi. He also appeared in the contr5oversial and internationally exhibited Macho Dancer.

Brandon Ramirez – He appeared in Nene which launched Daniella to stardom with their co-stars Allan de Dios, Roy Rodrigo, Allan Paule, Sabrina M. and Natasha Ledesma. In Akin Ka Lamang he co-starred with Rita Magdalena, Von Serra and Amalia Jones.

Paolo Rivera – He appeared in Buko Pandan with Pyar Mirasol, Maricar de Mesa and Tonton Gutierrez under the direction of Uro Q. dela Cruz produced by Jojo Galang’s World Arts Cinema. In Karelasyon, he appeared with Kudhet Honasan, Isabella Gomez, Karina Zobel and Dante Balboa, an ATB-4 Films production helmed by Buboy Tan.

Douglas Robinson – In Bridal Showers, he starred with Dina Bonnevie, Francine Prieto, Cherry Pie Picache, Christian Vasquez, Alfred Vargas, Juancho Valentino and Rodel Velayo under Seiko Films. The film was directed by Jeffrey Jeturian.

Ricky Rogers – Obviously one of the early bold actors, he appeared in movies way ahead of most in this list. Most of the movies he made paired him with bold actress Scarlett Revilla, his favorite screen partner.

Rafael Rosell – He appeared in Bikini Open, The Movie with Francine Prieto, Diana Zubiri, Nina Ricci Alagao, J.E. Sison and Alfred Vargas under Seiko Films and directed by Jeffrey Jeturian.

Von Serra – This sexy stud was assigned a supporting role in the films GRO and Alindog ng Lahi. He became a leading man in Obsesyon, Akin Ka Lamang with Rita Magdalena, Brandon Ramirez and Amalia Jones and Masikip ang Daan Papunta sa Langit with co-stars Anthony Cortez, Alyssa Alvarez and Rita Magdalena for Taurus Films outfit. In Naiibang Hayop, he again co-starred with Rita Magdalena for Golden Tower Productions.

Juancho Valentino – A former Bodyshots winner and model, he appeared in Bridal Showers with Dina Bonnevie, Cherry Pie Picache, Francine Prieto, Alfred Vargas, Christian Vasquez, Rodel Velayo and Douglas Robinson helmed by Jeffrey Jeturian for Seiko Films.

Alfred Vargas – He appeared nude coming out from a shower room and performed a macho dance in brief trunks in Bridal Showers. His co-stars were Dina Bonnevie, Francine Prieto, Cherry Pie Picache, Christian Vasquez, Douglas Robinson, Juancho Valentino and Rodel Velayo. It was produced by Seiko Films directed by Jeffrey Jeturian. In Bikini Open, The Movie, he starred with Diana Zubiri, Francine Prieto, Nina Ricci Alagao, Rafael Rosell and J.E. Sison directed also by Jeffrey Jeturian under Seiko Films. He also appeared the television sitcom Marinara with Ruffa Mae Quinto.

Franco Zobel – In Nang Mamulat si Eba, he co-starred with Rossana Roces, Deborah Carpio and Anton Bernardo. It was produced by Seiko Films and directed by Rico Mambo (Abbo dela Cruz in real life).