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SUBMIT MMFFP 2006 SCRIPTS BY MAY 15 by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Mar 24, 2006

Producers have until May 15, 2006 to submit their screenplay entries to the 2006 Metro Manila Film Festival Philippines. Unlike last year, all ten entries to the MMFFP 2006 will be selected from the submitted scripts with all ten produced films to be shown simultaneously starting December 25, 2006.

In MMFFP 2005, six final entries were selected based on screenplays while four were based on finished products or prints. This was because one of the seven selected screenplays was not produced.

The executive committee of MMFFP 2006 just released the rules and regulation covering this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

We publish in full the Criteria for the Selection of the Ten (10) Screenplays:

1. Story, Creativity, Writing Excellence, Innovativeness and Thematic Value (40%)

The screenplay must be written for a full-length movie which has not been shown in theaters, television or cable stations or any exhibition venues. The screenplay’s viability should lean on the harmony of the scenes, the tightness of the pacing and the story itself. In the event that the screenplay is an adaptation of a literary work, the writer thereof must either secure the written permission of the author of the said literary work or submit a certification to the effect that such literary work has already become part of the public domain. Should the screenplay be a product of original work, the writer shall submit an Affidavit to such effect.

2. Commercial Viability and Universal or Global Appeal (40%)
To ensure the success of the festival, the screenplay of the film entries and their proposed casts must have commercial and universal appeal.

3. Filipino Cultural and/or Historical Value (20%)
The writer of the screenplay is free to choose his own theme or subject matter so long as it relates to or instills in the moviegoers Filipino cultural values and portrays positive realities without unreasonably exploiting misery, negative human conditions from which no redemption can be clearly shown. As much as possible, the script must generate a clear understanding and appreciation of the Filipino identity, history and culture. Themes of ‘urbanidad’—propriety or orderliness of manners and behavior—are encouraged.

The execom advises producers to submit to or file with the Head of the MMFFP 2006 Secretariat, 3rd floor, MMDA Bldg., EDSA corner Orense St., Guadalupe, Makati City, on or before 5 o’clock p.m. on May 15, 2006, the following requirements together with fifteen (15) copies of the screenplay:

1. Notarized form of application to participate.
2. Proof of payment of a non-refundable application/entry fee of TEN THOUSAND PESOS (P10,000) for every film entry. Such fee may be paid to the Secretariat in cash or in manager’s check/cashier’s check payable to MMFFP.
3. Notarized affidavit of the producer signifying his/her conformity with the rules and regulations governing the 2006 Metro Manila Film Festival-Philippines with an undertaking that he/she shall produce the movie based on the submitted screenplay, filmography; and a notarized form of application to participate once selected by the Selection Committee.
4. List of proposed or intended lead actors/actresses and director/s who shall participate in the filming of the movie shall be submitted. Changes in the proposed cast/director/s may be allowed within fifteen (15) days from date of selection, on condition that replacements are of equal or more bankable value. Such changes must be subject to approval of the Selection Committee. (Written confirmation of the stars and directors as proof that they are participating in the film should be submitted to the Committee).

A twelve-man selection committee, headed by a chairman, a vice-chairman and 12 members, will be required to read all qualified screenplays that will be submitted. The ten winning screenplays shall be announced on May 31, 2006.

The entry films may fall under any of the following genres: action, drama, comedy, horror, adventure, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, musical or a combination of two or more therefrom.

No more than two entries of the same film genre shall be allowed. The determination of the genre shall be based on the filmography submitted by the producer. However, should the genre indicated therein is not justified by the story and content of the film, the Selection Committee shall make the necessary revision in the filmography of the entry film so that the same shall indicate the proper genre to which the film belongs. The decision of the Selection Committee as to the film genre of the official film entry shall be final and no appeal therefrom shall be entertained.

No two entries starring the same leading man or leading lady shall be allowed. Should such a situation occur, the entry with the lower rating will be excluded from the original list of entries and replaced by the next qualified entry in the order of ranking based on tabulation, provided that the replacement entry will not increase the number of entries in the same film genre to more than two; and that the leading man or leading lady in the replacement entry is not also appearing in a starring role in another official entry.