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FAP-TMTC FILM WORKSHOPS FOR MAY by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Apr 13, 2012

The Film Academy of the Philippines and The Manila Times College (TMTC) are offering workshops on acting, film production and scriptwriting this whole month of May as a first in a series of this joint program.

Registration opens on Monday, April 16. Those interested may register at the FAP office at 108 OctoArts building, Panay Ave., Quezon City or the TMTC office on the 3rd floor , Sitio Grande Building, 409 A. Soriano Avenue, Intramuros, Manila. Or they may call up 415-3880 or 374-7561 (FAP) or 524-5665 (TMTC).

The workshop sessions will be held Mondays to Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The workshop begins on Wednesday, May 2, and ends on Thursday, May 31.

The FAP and TMTC signed a memorandum of agreement last March 15 to conduct training programs on filmmaking for the next three school years.

The MOA was signed by TMTC President Dr. Isagani Cruz and FAP Director General Leo G. Martinez in line with the Academy’s objective to promote training programs along the various fields of filmmaking through linkages with institutions of learning.

TMTC is willing to host, offer facilities and co-manage such training programs with the Academy which is mandated by executive order to oversee the welfare of the country’s film guilds thru subsidies, projects and opportunities to upgrade the knowledge and expertise of the different guild members.

According to the MOA, the TMTC shall:

–Accept as special students all persons recommended by FAP, though students will not be considered regular students unless they apply for such status and satisfy all the admission requirements for such status.

–Collect from such students all registration, tuition and miscellaneous fees at the rate mutually agreed upon by FAP and TMTC.

–Prepare and deliver the remuneration of all faculty for the program, upon certification from FAP that such faculty have delivered the appropriate service.

–Provide access for free to all facilities already existing within its campus or campuses, including but not limited to classrooms, computers and the library.

–Prepare and award Certificates of Completion to such students upon completion of the requirements of the training programs, such Certificates to be signed by both TMTC and FAP.

–Be entitled to one authorized copy of each of the works by such students, for exclusive use as instructional material in classes conducted by TMTC, provided such material shall not be sold, duplicated, broadcast or used for any purpose other than as indicated above.

–Assist FAP in marketing the program thru an agreed marketing scheme.

For its part, the Academy shall:

–Market the program in coordination with TMTC.

–Recommend students for the program.

–Recruit and supervise all faculty for the program, provided that such faculty will be on contractual basis and will not be considered employees of either FAP or TMTC.

–Issue certifications to TMTC that the faculty have rendered the services specified in their contracts or Terms of Reference.

–Retain the copyright to any and all works produced by the students in the course of the program, provided that the one authorized copy shall be given to TMTC strictly for instructional purposes for classes conducted by TMTC.

Resource persons of the workshops will come from the various guilds of the Academy which is the umbrella organization of guilds for actors, directors, scriptwriters, production designers, cinematographers, musical directors, sound technicians, editors, assistant directors and production managers and producers.

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