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THE NEWCOMERS OF LARGAAA by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Mar 16, 2012

The casting call for the movie LARGAAA yielded more than 20 aspiring actors. The ensuing one day acting workshop gathered 16 participants. And in the end, the last men standing were Enrique Tan and Paolo Diaz.

Together with co-workshopper Rachelle Perez who would be playing the role of Tintin, Paolo and Enrique would be essaying the role of Tintin’s brothers Totoy and Popoy, respectively. Another in their batch is Apple Delos Santos who was awarded the supporting role of Bampy.

With their families in mind, both Enrique and Paolo are striving to bring home the bacon for their families. That thought gave them the persistence to continue, from the audition up to the whole day workshop on the following week.

Paolo Diaz in the first day audition

Another point was their personal gains. Paolo says, “I want to enhance my self confidence” because sometimes he suffers a mental block due to shyness. For Enrique he is bent on being an actor, “I want to challenge myself in acting skills.”

Paolo had no inkling that he would be given one of the lead roles, “Kasi po madaming magaling sa mga kasama ko.” Almost all workshop participants were equally good, not only in looks but also in raw talent.

Enrique Tan in the first day audition

For Enrique, he was not expecting to get the role either, “Kasi I forgot some lines in the workshop exercises that’s why I already lost hope.” Good thing that Enrique was called for the knockout stage and he got lucky.

The exercises in the workshop were actually performances that were recorded in video. The recording will show how the actor registers in the camera’s lens. Apple Delos Santos got a supporting role because she is photogenic (and also good-looking in the video).

Apple Delos Santos in the first day audition

About the workshop, Paolo vividly recalls. “Kung paano mag-deliver ng mga lines, how to ad lib and kailangan isinasapuso mo ang ginagawa.” He also remembers the advice of Buddy Palad, the workshop director, about discipline and social graces.

Enrique couldn’t forget the workshop exercises on varying emotions. “I will apply all the techniques I learned from the workshop. And will try to act like a professional actor.” Punctuality, particularly for actors, was one of the traits stressed in the workshop.

For their favorite celebrities, Paolo admires Gerald Anderson and Xian Lim, “Kasi po magaling sila mag-acting.” Paolo doesn’t go much for looks but on how the acting is delivered by the actor.

Enrique prefers the depth of Dennis Trillo who looks simple but difficult enough. Enrique is priming up himself to be a good character actor someday so he wants to focus on the emotional aspect of acting. In music, he likes Janno Gibbs.

In LARGAAA, Enrique humorously says that he would be praying for an award (or probably a citation). It may be presumptuous but thinking of an award may be the strength of a newcomer like Enrique.

For Paolo, he expects to learn a lot and meet a lot of people in the shooting and even after the shooting. “Sana madaming makikilala na mga bagong kaibigan and also the experience of making a movie.”

Both Paolo and Enrique have the full support of their families. “Dahil alam po nila na gusto ko ang ginagawa ko,” says Paolo. “They know that I want to be an actor so they are supporting me,” states Enrique.

Paolo Diaz and Enrique Tan coming for the knockout audition

Being newcomers in the movie industry, Enrique and Paolo are ecstatic over their roles and overly excited on the upcoming shooting. Paolo is studying the character of Totoy while Enrique will portray the elder brother Popoy.

LARGAAA is the story of a ranch inherited by 5 half-siblings who were born of different mothers. Totoy, the youngest is a crybaby and KSP (kulang sa pansin). He also stammers a lot due to his not so normal family life.

An ex-seminarian, Popoy is vain as could be seen in his mannerisms – always wearing semi-formal clothes and too conscious of his hair. But in terms of normalcy, Popoy is the most normal among the 5 heirs of the ranch.

The other lead roles in the movie are Katkat to be played by Yasmien Kurdi and Boboy to be portrayed by Felix Roco. Katkat is a simple lass from Bulacan while Boboy is a Tondo Boy with no manners.

As promised, the workshop participants will be given bit roles in LARGAAA to employ the skills they acquired in the workshop. As Director William Mayo said, “There is no small role or big role. No matter, just give your best.”

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