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FRESH FROM CANADA by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Mar 9, 2012

Born and raised in Canada, Rachelle Araneta Perez came to the Philippine shores 6 months ago. Having finished high school, Rachelle got the parental nod to try her luck in the native country of her parents.

With the entertainment industry in mind, Rachelle can’t really be considered a tyro. During her elementary years, she was already showing her inclination. “I was always into the arts whether it be singing, hosting, acting, dancing and many more.”

But when Rachelle entered high school, her artistic ambition had to take the backseat. “Mahirap po para sa akin. After school, I would go to work after 2 hours, then I would go home around 2 or 3 am, then wake up after 2 to 3 hours to go back to school.”

Introducing herself in the workshop

Being a working student was more of a choice than a necessity. “The reason why I decided na magtrabaho po during school is kasi, I don’t always want to depend on my parents para sa mga gastusin ko, so I decided to work.”

Perhaps that hard work could be considered a good investment because life in showbiz, particularly for the beginners, is not a piece of cake. Honing one’s skills needs not only time but lots of perseverance as well.

But Rachelle seems to have the firm resolve to fulfill her ambition. “I want to pursue my career here, whether it be singing and/or acting. I will stay here for a while.” She would grab any opportunity that would hone her skills in her chosen field.

Trying to prove that she’s the showgirl type, Rachelle would sing upon the slightest request, even without any accompaniment (a capella). And she did that during the workshop cum audition for an upcoming movie.

Speaking of audition, Rachelle failed to heed the first casting call of Largaaa—a movie about a ranch inherited by 5 siblings. Largaaa is being produced with the grant from the NCCA (National Commission for Culture and the Arts).

When Rachelle was invited for the second time, she squeezed her schedule to attend the whole day affair. And she was glad she did because she had met new friends in the workshop – there were 15 participants.

Aside from the social aspect, the workshop gave Rachelle some insights of what to expect before, during and after film production. The workshop was not limited to acting but also included some personality development pointers.

An impromptu solo performance as part of the acting workshop exercises

With her stunning beauty and good performance, Rachelle was awarded the role of Tintin whose description is a perfect fit for Rachelle. A bossy balikbayan, Tintin is not just a decoration because she will be instrumental in achieving peace among warring siblings.

Despite getting a role in the soon to shoot movie, Rachelle has her feet firmly planted on the ground. “Eto po yung first actually movie na I will be a lead role in. Madami po akong matututunan and I will take it as parang a lesson also.”

In Largaaa, Rachelle shares the lead roles with Yasmien Kurdi, Felix Roco, Paolo Diaz and Enrique Tan. They are the siblings with different mothers and with varied personalities who will be fighting for the right to inherit the ranch and the horses.

With the scheduled script reading, Rachelle is already excited. “If I make a mistake po, which sana wala, I will learn from it. I don’t expect it to propel me to stardom pero it’s definitely a good start tsaka it’s a good experience.”

At this early, Rachelle had already prepared herself in showbiz life. “I will make sure to keep my personal life and work life apart kasi it’s about professionalism. Kung magkakaroon po ng intriga, I will make sure that it won’t affect me and my performance.”

The Canadian Beauty in close up

Asked for her preferred role, “Kontrabida na matapang, yung parang Eula Valdez. Gusto ko ma-experience yung mga matapang and angry roles kasi I think it would be a challenge for me and gusto ko po ma-challenge ang sarili ko.”

For her acting idols, “Eddie Garcia, Claudine Baretto, and Coco Martin. Bakit si Eddie Garcia? As a child, I grew up watching Filipino movies and most of them andun si Eddie Garcia. He is my father’s favorite.”

As for her musical side, “Sarah Geronimo and si Regine Velasquez po. They are very mahusay, and talagang versatile po sila. Kahit anong song na kakantahin po nila, it would just sound amazing.”

Rachelle with her batchmates. Front row from left: Lovelyn De Leon, Apple Delos Santos, Bianca Lopez, Miki Ann Ramos, Boochi Inoue, Rose Ann Torres, Tara Santos. Standing from left: Enrique Tan, Paolo Diaz, Japo Parcero, Eisen Lim, Sean Andrei, Kevin Garcia, Rachelle, Keneth Aquino, and Acting Workshop Director Buddy Palad.

With her chosen path, Rachelle has the full support of her family. “Imagine, para lang po ma-achieve yung dream ko in showbiz, they let me live here alone po. They really support me in everything I do, as long as makikita nila na masaya ako, go lang po sila.”

And in closing, Rachelle has this to say, “I am planning na maging successful po ako in this industry and hopefully I can make it up there. Lagi ko pong ibibigay yung 100 percent ko and even more. Hopefully, I can be in a teleserye and may be even an award? Hehe, it’s better to dream big di ba?”

Good luck to you, Rachelle Perez.

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