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FILIPINO CINEMATOGRAPHERS ATTEND IMAGO GENERAL ASSEMBLY by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Feb 24, 2012

Filipino cinematographers Isagani Sioson and Carlo Mendoza attended the IMAGO general assembly held in Paris from February 9 to 11, 2012. IMAGO is a confederation of cinematographers’ guilds, societies and organizations all over the world.

Hereunder is the ereport filed by Sioson who is the present president of the Filipino Society of Cinematographers, which is a new member of IMAGO:

Day 1 (Feb. 9, 2012)
Some delegates of IMAGO arrived early and attended the cocktails which began at 7:00 pm Paris time. Our delegation missed the cocktails as we arrived by plane in Paris at 11:30 pm.

DAY 2 ( Feb. 10, 2012)
Registration of participants coming from all over the world started at 8 a.m. at the lobby of Marriott hotel. We then left the hotel and travelled by train by half an hour to the Femis Film School. There, the President of AFC (Association of French Cinematographers) Ms. Caroline Champetier welcomed the delegates, including those who came from Japan, Brazil, Argentina, the Philippines and Spain. AFC was the sponsor of this year’s convention. IMAGO President Mr. Nigel Walters started the programme with his opening remarks and presented the minutes of IAGA 2011 in Estonia.

The convention then discussed the improvement in standard of cinematographers in 2012-2013. Mr. Louis Philippe Capelle announced that the Korean Society of Cinematographers has expressed the willingness to be a member of IMAGO. The Korean delegates were requested to talk about their group. Then various guild mmbers throughout the world enumerated their accomplishments in 2011.

For our part, we discussed the Filipino Society of Cinematographers’ several seminars and workshops intended to upgrade the knowledge of old and new members with the support of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. Other new member countries also did the same.

The president of the Canadian Cinematographers’ Association also spoke about the activities of the other members. IMAGO then presented and discussed their expenses during the last budget year. Then it brought up the issue of IMAGO moving from France to Brussels since most of the IMAGO funds came from Brussels. The participants approved the move to transfer to Brussels.

Mr. Tony Costa and Ms. Christina Bucch reported then discussed the important issue of film cinematic authorship vis-à-vis the cinema-tographers, including the need and system to protect the cinematographers intellectual property’rights.

Then an IMAGO committee for better world communication was formed and the FSC was elected to be a member. The undersigned assigned Mr. Carlo Mendoza as the FSC delegate to this committee.

Then the technical committee proposed the GOFPS projection before other items in the agenda were discussed. Mr. Marvel Sichh talked on archiving and the restoration of old film digitally.

IMAGO President Walters then announced that the 2013 conference will be held in Poland. The last item to be discussed was how to strengthen the position IMAGO in the international level with its communication being improved thru a website system.

DAY 3 (Feb. 11, 2012)
The usual registration again took place at the lobby of Marriot hotelbefore the participantrs left at 1:45 pm for the convention site at FEMIS school.

The afternoon session was a review of the history of IMAGO and its avowed goals in the future. At 2:00 pm, an exhibit and presentation of modern equipment And camera supports. It lasted until 5:00 pm.

The AFC—the conference major –then treated the participants in a cruise in Paris’waterways where they saw such world-renowned tourist attractions like the Eifel Tower, the Notre Dame campus, old palaces and other century-old buildings and landmarks.

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