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24TH LUNA AWARDS: MAY 13, 2006 by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jan 27, 2006

The 24th edition of the Film Academy of the Philippines awards (which was renamed the Luna Awards starting last year) will be held at the Meralco theater on Ortigas avenue in Pasig City, Metro Manila, on May 13, 2006, a Saturday.

During the board of governors meeting last Thursday (January 26), FAP Deputy Director General Jesse Ejercito reported that Meralco has already approved the Academy’s reservation to use the Meralco theater on Ortigas avenue as the venue for this year’s awards.

He added that a rehearsal has also been scheduled in the same theater for May 12.

With the date and venue finalized, Director General Leo Martinez said they are optimistic that voters will be able to choose the winners on the first week of May, under its three-tiered process where citers, nominators and voters (separately and in that order) choose the best performances and achievements for the year 2005.

Under the new system, citers can also vote but nominators (five for each category) will have their task completed after coming up with their lists of five or less nominees.

As of Friday (January 27), a total of 41 citers have already submitted their list of possible nominees to the FAP secretariat, broken down as follows: 5 for direction; 8, screenplay; 7, editing; 7, production design; 4, musical scoring; 5, cinematography; one for acting; and 8 from members of guilds which have no awards categories, like the Actors’ Workshop Foundation (AWF), the Assistant Directors and Production Managers’ Guild (ADPM) and OSFILM.

Other citers are now screening films contending for awards at the FAP office, Octoarts building, 108 Panay st. before they submit their lists. As of January 27, six films have been previewed. These were: Star Cinema’s Nasaan ka Man (Rated B by the Cinema Evaluation Board); Unitel Pictures’ La Visa Loca (Rated A by CEB); Seiko Films’ Bikini Open (Rated B by CEB); Star Cinema’s Dubai (Rated B by CEB); Star Cinema’s Dreamboy (Rated B by CEB); and Masahista of GEE Ent. Productions.

The rest of the screening schedule is as follows:

January 30 (Monday)—2 p.m. Regal Entertainment Inc’s Bahay ni Lola
4 p.m. Star Cinema’s Can This Be Love? (Rated B by CEB)

February 3 (Friday) —2 p.m. Star Cinema’s D’Anothers
4 p.m. Viva Films’ Ilusyon (Rated A by CEB)

February 6 (Monday)—2 p.m. GMA Films-Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Lovestruck
4 p.m. Unitel Pictures’ Pinoy Blonde (Rated B by CEB)

February 10 (Friday)—2 p.m. GMA Films-Regal Entertainment Inc.’s
Let the Love Begin (Rated B by CEB)
4 p.m. MLR Films’ Mga Pusang Gala (Rated B by CEB)

February 11 (Saturday)—2 p.m. Sa Aking Pagkakagising Mula sa Kalimutan
a Unitel Pictures release
4 p.m. Viva Films’ Boso

The citers will also be screening the other CEB rated films that were shown last year. These include: Cinemalaya’s Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (rated A), GMA Films-Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Mulawin the Movie (rated A), Imus Films-Reality Entertainment Inc.’s Exodus, the Enchanted Kingdom (Rated B), Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Ako Legal Wife and Good Harvest’s Blue Moon.

For this year, Academy members have to cull their choices from 58 films—some of them digital—which were theatrically exhibited in 2005.

This will be the second consecutive year that the FAP will be using its cite-nominate-vote system to pick the year’s best achievements in 12 categories (with the 13th category for best picture). According to Director General Martinez, “We seem to have crafted a mechanism that will ensure that winners are really the most deserving and credible, in the process eliminating subjective ratings by voters (or the buddy-buddy system) and lobbying.”