Jan 20
FSC DIGITAL VIDEO SEMINAR ON by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jan 20, 2006

The digital-video seminar-workshop of the Filipino Society of Cinematographers hurdled its first weekend without a hitch as some 50 participants—veteran cameramen and interested young filmmakers and workers—began hands-on exercises to produce short films by using digital cameras.

The seminar-workshop is being held through a grant of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), in cooperation with the Film Academy of the Philippines. The FSC is led by President Isagani F. Sioson. The seminar is held at the FAP offices, Octoarts building, 108 Panay street, Q.C.

In his opening remark, FAP Director General Leo Martinez informed the group that the Academy is actually planning a literary digital film project which in intended to film literary materials (included in elementary, high school and college courses). He also apprised the participants of the ongoing FAP activities leading to the FAP’s Luna Awards on May 20, 2006.

Three film directors were the resource persons for the first two days of the seminar.
On Saturday morning, January 21, Director Jose Carreon spoke on the responsibility of the cinematographer to always demand a copy of the written script before principal photography. He said that the cinematographer must not waive his right to chip in his suggestions and ideas on how to translate the script into film, even at its pre-production stage.

In the afternoon session, Director Celso Ad. Castillo discussed the inter-action between directors and cinematographers and the different film language that digital cameras engender. He said that the much smaller and handy digital cameras will enable a director to make his visuals more kinetic and energetic.

The participants were also divided into four groups which were assigned to shoot and produce short films by themselves.

The following day, Sunday, January 22, Director Felix Dalay briefed the participants about the pre-production phases of filmmaking. He stressed that a prepared group is always way ahead of a film crew that has not ironed out everything before principal photography.

The seminar-workshop has two more weekends.

On January 28 and 29, the participants will have the chance to learn about the newest digital camera technology. On Saturday, discussion will center on the Canon XL 2 camera. The latest JVC model digital camera will be the focus on Sunday.

Four more resource persons will attend the final weekend on February 4 and 5. The schedule is as follows:
February 4— 9 a.m. Director Brilliante ‘Dante’ M. Mendoza, director of the digital film Masahista, will speak on Cinematographer-Production Designer Inter-action and the Transition from Production Designer to Director; 1 p.m. Nolet Clemente will lecture on Digital Sound; 3 p.m. George Torralba will speak on Digital to Celluloid.

February 5—9 a.m. Manet Dayrit will lecture on Video Capturing, Linear Editing and Color Enhancement.

The participants were divided into four groups, namely:

Golden Group—Jun Dalawis. team leader with the following members: Arnold Alvaro, Jun Rasca, Rey de Vera, Mories Romulo, Helmel Dapilos, Mel Dapilos, Rufo Balicas, Oscar Ejercito and Roger Estrada.

Gold-Plated Group—Eduardo ’Baby’ Cabrales, team leader with the following members: Roger Baruelo, Rodel Quijano, Jun-Jun Linda, Anthony Villanueva, Wilden Anonuevo, Edward Anonuevo, Andy Bernal and Vincent Ragay.

Silver Group—Totoy Jacinto, team leader with the following members: Jan Oliver ‘Jeyow’ Evangelista, Ike Orense, Larry Matic, Lani Tolentino, Mulong Araojo, Bobby de la Paz, Tonio Barboza and Sandy Arabos.

Bronze Group—Rey de Leon, team leader with the following members: Benny Arabos, Boyet Nolasco, Alex Socorro, Amok Baldemor, Ronnie Estrada, Baddy Nameon, Rudy Quijano amd Ronald Bonafus.