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CINEMA LUNETA FOR NATIONAL ARTS MONTH by admin  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jan 6, 2006

The Film Academy of the Philippines, tasked by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts to handle cinema activities for the National Arts Month in February, will present Cinema Luneta, a novel and innovative system in viewing films, as its centerpiece project.

The NCCA has commissioned the Academy to draw up a program of activities to represent the cinema sector during the National Arts Month, with the theme Ani ng Sining 2006, with a heavy schedule on February 4 and 5, 2006.

Cinema Luneta, a banner project of the NCCA’s Cinema Committee’s for the last three years, will have four major components, a series of presentations expected to wow audiences of all ages. These are:

–Cinemagiting where a movie screen will be set up facing the monument of Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero. The film Bayaning Third World, directed by Mike De Leon in 2001, will be projected on this particular screen. As a surprise feature of the screening, Joel Torre (who plays Rizal in the film) will emerge through a gap on the screen as if by magic and in complete Rizal regalia, to interact with the audience.

–Cinemasilaw where a laser projection machine will be set up in the center of the park where the fountains are located. Various cinema-oriented visuals will then be projected all around the park utilizing trees, walls, buildings, even some monuments as screen. The effect will be like a series of flash animation movies circling around the park.

–Cinemalamig where large blocks of ice, rendered translucent with a special material or chemical, will be utilized as a sculpture-like multidimensional screen. Various footages of films will be projected on these large ice blocks to create a poetic, hallucinatory quality to the images as the ice melts.

–Cinemadali where a short film video competition will be held with contestants limited to shoot their films in or around the vicinity of Rizal Park. The short film entries must have a running time of one to five minutes. Participants may choose whatever medium or format they prefer, including celluloid, digital, hi-def or even phonecam. Any genre is welcome, and contest is open to all, especially students enrolled in the dozens of schools within the periphery of Rizal Park.

Cinema Luneta hopes to bring to the masses the countless possibilities by which cinema can be explored, exploited and manipulated to serve the multifaceted expressions of man in his art.

A committee made up of representatives from the NCCA and FAP met last Tuesday (January 3) to tresh out the details for the Cine Luneta project.

Those who attended the meeting were: NCCA cinema committee members William Mayo (KDPP president), Tony Ramos (ADPM president) and Teddy Co; Zahn Garduce (OSFILM president); FAP Treasurer Manny Morfe and Edel Templonuevo, president and vice-president of PDGP; FAP secretary John Suarez (MPDAP vice-president); Joel Apuyan (ADPM vice-president); Nolet Clemente (STAMP board member); scriptwriter Joey Tam, one of the winners of this year’s FAP storyline contest; and Felix Bacolor, a scupltor.

The group is scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, January 10.