Nov 03
MARYO J – MAGNIFICO – DELOS REYES by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Nov 3, 2004

An interview with the director of the hour, Director Maryo J. delos Reyes resulted in the following magnanimous declaration of his inspiration, his view, concept and vision of film making after relishing that splendor of grandslam.

“My concept, mission and vision of film-making changed after this tremendous recognition of MAGNIFICO. I am inspired. I will pursue and will cater to be part of the international market (from now on).”

So far, Direk Maryo J had earned 50 awards in worldwide festivals, from Berlin to Rome, for this unassuming film, MAGNIFICO.

“It is disappointing the way MAGNIFICO was initially received by the local audience last year. To think that the revenue of the whole Manila Film Festival is one day income of SPIDERMAN 2. I feel I am like a prophet who is not appreciated in his own country. People are not attuned yet. I do not know what they want. Sana hindi mapagod ang mga film makers at di sila masuya. Ang focus nila economics. Quick return of investment. Ang judgment natin dito kung first day, flop, wala na, wala na.”

The recent FAP awards earned him and the producer, VIOLETT films, 3 more awards.

“After MAGNIFICO, I will do films yung meron akong nasasabi. Kung commercial movies naman yung meron trademark ng Maryo J. Kasi pag nag-grand slam ka na, me apprehension, nakakatakot na, dahil malaki ang expectation sa iyo ng tao. They might expect all my movies will be all like this. I just want to function to the best of what I want to do. And not think of anything else, otherwise wala akong magagawa. Nagma-mature na ako.”

Maryo J is fast becoming a bankable director of international caliber. Maulingroe, a member of Cinemanila jury, wants to have a focus on Maryo J and the film Magnifico for the Brussels film festival slated in November. Same remarks came from Mr. Rosenberg Scott, Chairman of the jury for the Netpack.

“Itong mga reaction ng mga nakilala ko, sila ang nagbi-build up sa akin. Sabi pa, you should be part of the short list of Asian directors who can really conquer the mainstream international market. We are inviting you to be in our conferences, confab, so that we will open to you the doors. These are Hollywood producers who claimed they are in the mainstream business and they can give you the money and money comes in. Not only for festivals but full productions.”

MAGNIFICO is Maryo J’s second film to be brought outside. His first was PARAISO NI EFREN, which he did for the Gay and Lesbian film fesatival for Toronto specialized film.

“In other festivals, that I attended, their audience are all appreciative, they support their films. In Pusan , early in the morning, a long queue in the theatres. After my preview, I was mobbed by people, asking for pictures, posing with me, autographs. Here in our country, you have to create a unique mark, a grand slam as this perhaps. I am overwhelmed by this. Nakakataba ng puso. I am deeply honored by all these recognitions given to me by FAP, Famas, seven of seven awards giving bodies. Also from Berlin, Homa, now it is 53 awards.

It was a dream come true for Maryo J. He had already realized his objective and vision as a film-maker.

“Eddie Romero is right – We Filipinos are the first one to teach other Asian countries in (film making), he doesn’t know why now, we are kulelat. I want to make a material for international production. My travel opens me to a lot of people, co-production, funding. They are all open to any subject, kung ano ang gusto kong gawin. For me, I have to collaborate, for example, an asian material in Bangkok, you have to go there.”

Maryo J is encouraging his colleagues to venture abroad where one’s guts can earn a minimum of $5,000 in ancillary rights. And Filipino films are up to par when it comes to quality.

“Magnifico was shown its world premiere in Carlo Bevari, Czech Republic, Montreal, Hawaii. Nang manalo sa Berlin, hindi na mapigilan. Hindi na kami makapag-produce ng prints. So I left this with the distributors. We have Unico Entertainment, Unitel of Tony Gloria, sold to Benelux company in Australia, France, Germany. It will have its theatrical run in the USA simultaneous with DVD. They got my pics already.”

Direk Maryo has directed at least 59 movies, 40 television programs, 7 TV specials, 10 plays, 3 dinnerplays, 14 commercials and garnered at least 8 best directorial award in his past films… And still counting…