Feb 13
LUNA AWARDS CITERS AT HOMESTRETCH by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Feb 13, 2007

Sixteen films have been screened and 12 more will be previewed by citers of the Film Academy of the Philippines’ Luna Awards as the first phase of the academy’s cite-nominate-vote process winds up this month.

The citers will submit their list of at least 10 to 15 possible nominees in their respective categories. The five-man groups of nominators will further trim this down to the final nominees (five or less). In the third and final phase, voters will cast their ballots a few days before the awards night, which is tentatively scheduled on May 13 or 20 this year.

The Luna Awards is the only award-giving body where peers will be the ones passing judgment on their peers. And based on the credible choices the FAP had come up with in the last two awards, the Academy has apparently set in place a mechanism that ensures winners are really the most deserving while at the same time eliminating subjective ratings by voters and lobbying.

The Luna Awards trophies will be given in 11 categories, with the 12th category being for the year’s best picture. The categories are: direction, screenplay, cinematography, production design, editing, musical scoring, sound and performances (lead actor, lead actress, supporting actor and supporting actress).

The films in contention for awards this year included three films which were rated A by the Cinema Evaluation Board and seven films which received a B rating.

The screening schedule for the films still to be previewed is as follows:

February 17 (Friday)—2 p.m. Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Ako Legal Wife (Rated B by CEB) and 4 p.m. Cinemalaya’s Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (Rated A by CEB).

February 20 (Monday)—2 p.m. Water Plus Production’s Kiliti and 4 p.m. MaQ Productions’ Say That You Love Me.

February 24 (Friday)—2 p.m. Viva Films’ Boso and 4 p.m. Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Shake, Rattle and Roll 7.

February 27 (Monday)—2 p.m. Unitel Pictures’ Sa Aking Pagkakagising Mula sa Kamulatan and 4 p.m. Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Hari ng Sablay.

Already screened and previewed were: Star Cinema’s Nasaan Ka Man (Rated B by CEB); Unitel Pictures’ La Visa Loca (Rated A); Seiko Films’ Bikini Open (Rated B); Star Cinema’s Dubai (Rated B); Star Cinema’s Dreamboy (Rated B); GEE Ent. Productions’ Masahista;

GMA Films/Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Let the Love Begin (Rated B); Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Bahay ni Lola; Star Cinema’s Can This Be Love? (Rated B); Unitel Pictures’ Pinoy Blonde (Rated B); Star Cinema’s D’Anothers;

MLR Films’ Mga Pusang Gala (Rated B); GMA Films’ Lovestruck; Viva Films’ Ilusyon (Rated A); GMA Films/Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Mulawin the Movie (Rated A); and Teamwork Productions’ Mourning Girls.

The FAP secretariat is still awaiting the copies of DVDs or VCDs of the other films yet to be previewed or screened. These are Good Harvest’s Blue Moon (Rated B); Canary Films’ Kutob; Octoarts Films/M-Zet’s Enterng Kabisote; Imus Productions/Reality Entertainment Inc.’s Exodus (Rated B); Regal Entertainment Inc.’s Ispiritista; and MaQ Productions’ Happily Ever After.