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PANAHON NI JUN GARLAN by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Nov 4, 2011

Pinilit kong maka-ahon
Sa hirap na aking dinanas
Nagkaroon ng biyaya
Sa sariling pagsisikap
Dinaanan ko ring lahat
Mga kabigua’t galak
Naglaro at nagpatukso
Sa pag-ibig na ‘di tiyak.

So goes the first stanza of the song Panahon penned by Jaybee Ramos and set to music by Jun Garlan. But contrary to the serious lyrics, the song has a lively, danceable melody.

Panahon is a finalist in the ongoing KBP Pop Music Festival. In partnership with, all entries reaching the finals are catalogued in the clickmusic website in mp3 format.

Both members of UFIMDAP (United Film Musical Directors Association of the Philippines), Jun and partner Jaybee are long time musicians. Jun started his musical career in Vietnam while Jaybee used to sing in Japan.

“Nakasabay ko ang mga sikat na bands and singers like Elizabeth Ramsey, Johnny Cash at pati si Bob Hope,” brags Jun of the olden times. Vietnam was still unstable but the entertainment industry was already booming.

“Sa Hokkaido kami nagkakilala ni Jaybee,” Jun relates. And they instantly hit the right key on the right scale with their chemistry and natural symmetry. Jaybee is a singer and lyricist while Jun composes the melody and also does the arrangement.

“Music ang dahilan kung bakit kami nagkakilala,” Jun seriously states. “Ang importante sa amin ay makapagperform nang maayos sa harap ng mga tao na parang walang mabigat na problema.” That clearly shows their priorities in life.

Jun used to be a drummer of a rock band. And when he dabbled in musical arrangement, he learned to play the guitar, bass, sax, trumpet, violin, harmonica, flute, organ, percussion and other instruments like the OMB (one-man band).

According to Jun, “Importante kasi sa composer/arranger na marunong sa mga instrumento para mas mabigyang buhay ang komposisyon.” The choice of musical instruments depends on the musical arranger.

Jun has a solo album with the title Kailan Kita Mayayakap under his stage name Magnum Garlan. “Hindi na nasundan kasi lagi na kami ni Jaybee sa Japan,” says Jun in defense. But they are currently doing an album with 10 cuts already in the internet market.

the label of Panahon featuring Jaybee Ramos and Jun Garlan

The internet market is a depository of songs, whether new or old, where the user can download from the site for a fee. One website, like Clickmusic, caters to the local musicians for whose works can be sampled for a fee of 25 pesos.

As Jun said, the internet market has good potentials since it is a good defense against digital piracy. Most users opt for convenience over going to record bars so with the internet market, all they need is to click and pay with an online account.

A family of musicians, all the 3 children of Jun and Jaybee can sing and can play musical instruments. Barbie, the eldest, had been to Europe 3 times aside from her recent stint in the Royal Palace of Denmark as a singer.

Joper Jan, the second child, plays the drum and guitar aside from being a vocalist. On the other hand, Jopper Ril, the youngest, is into composing aside from playing the piano and drums. Jopper Ril also sings and has a released album to his credit.

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Sometime in 1995, the couple got an offer of a recording contract in the US. “Medyo one-sided ang contract,” Jun confides, “kaya advice sa amin ni FPJ na pag-isipang mabuti.” Having a restaurant business at the time, they decided to forgo of the offer.

Keeping abreast with the times, Jun had installed a recording studio in their home. “Low profile lang di pa nga kompleto,” Jun sounds apologetic, “magastos rin kasi eh.” But it comes complete with acoustical require-ments like sound absorbers.

“Dito namin ginagawa ang aming komposisyon at pang scoring sa pelikula.” Talk of convenience. “Dati pupunta pa kami sa studio, di ba?” And recording at home gives Jun more concentration and focus because they need not rush the work.

And here’s the happy refrain of Panahon…

Oh! Ang panahon ay lumipas
Nang ‘di ko namamalayan
Hanggang sa makilala ka
Pag-ibig mo ay nakamtan
Oh! ‘Di ko sukat akalain
Ikaw lang ang hinihintay
Nitong pusong mapaglaro
Ngayon ikaw ang siyang buhay Ohh….

For their bread and butter, Jun and Jaybee are regular performers of Caesars International KTV at the 5th floor of the Pan Pacific Hotel. You can catch them every Tuesday and Friday nights.

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