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THE SAMPAGUITA PICTURES STABLE OF ACTORS by Tante de Ramos  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Oct 14, 2011

Philippine Cinema trivia writer Tante de Ramos refreshes our memories about the popular actors who mattered during the heydays of Sampaguita Pictures.

Listed down alphabetically, these were the Sampaguita actors who were really popular then:

Boy Alano—Introduced in Roberta in 1951 as the friend of Tessie Agana who appeared as the title role. He got his own title role in 1953’s Kiko with Rosa Mia and Etang Discher. In 1964, he appeared in Fighting Waray sa Ilocos.

Panchito Alba—He was introduced in Lupang Kayumanggi and then appeared in Barbaro with Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran. His early teamup with Dolphy included Dobol Trobol (1960) and Si Lucio at Si Miguel (1962).

Eddie Arenas—He was introduced in 1955’s Iyung-Iyo with Rogelio dela Rosa and Carmen Rosales. His first starring role was opposite Lolita Rodriguez in 1956’s Gilda.he also appeared in Kulang sa Pito with Susan Roces, Dolphy and Norma Velez.

Dolphy—The King of Comedy appeared in Jack and Jill with Lolita Rodriguez and Rogelio dela Rosa. His other hits were Mambo Dyambo, Pacifica Palaypay. Hootsy-Kootsy, Kalabog and Bosyo with Panchito Alba and Dewey Boulevard with Barbara Perez.

Dindo Fernando—He appeared in a love triangle story with Bert Leroy Jr. and Gina Pareno, Dalawang Mukha ng Anghel, which was directed by Mar S. Torres.

Tito Galla—The younger brother of Gloria Romero, he was introduced in 1956’s Society,Girl which also starred Rita Gomez. He also appeared in 1958’s Beloved, 1962’s Tulisan opposite Amalia Fuentes and 1963’s Balisong 29.

Luis Gonzales—He was introduced in 1954’s Pilya. His other early films were Desperada (1955), Tumbado Cana (1956) where he was best actor, and Paru-parong Bukid, a 1957 films starring Gloria Romero, Dolphy and Daisy Romualdez, directed by Armando Garces.

Eddie Gutierrez—He first appeared in Eddie Long Legs. His other films included Mga Anak sa Pagkakasala (1962) where Blanca Gomez was introduced under the direction of Eddie Garcia.

Juancho Gutierrez—He was introduced in Lydia. Some of his movies included Pakiusap (1959), Hani-Hanimun and Dope Addict, (both made in 1961) and Ang Iyong Lingkod which also starred Gloria Romero, Mario Montenegro, Ric Rodrigo and Luis Gonzales, directed by Jose de Villa.

Lito Legaspi—One of his most memorable films was Joey, Eddie, Lito with Jose Mari, Eddie Gutierrez, Amalia Fuentes, Susan Roces and Liberty Ilagan.

Bert Leroy Jr.—Two films that stood out for Bert were Tindahan ni Aling Epang with Jose Mari, Liberty Ilagan, Juvy Cachola and Matimtiman Cruz; and Dalawang Mukha ng Anghel with Dindo Fernando and Gina Pareno, directed by Mar S. Torres.

Pancho Magalona—His reel and real life loveteam with Tita Duran was so successful rthey made four films in 1948—Bulaklak Na Walang Pangalan, Dahil Sa Iyo, Maharlika and Tatlong Puso.

Jose Mari—He was introduced in 1958’s Palaboy. His other films included Handsome and Baby Face (both in 1959). He also appeared in Amy, Susie, Tessie and 1962’s Sugat sa Balikat with Liberty Ilagan, directed by Ding de Jesus.

Tony Marzan—He appeared in Mga Ligaw Na Bulaklak opposite Romeo Vasquez, Susan Roces, Daisy Romuldez and Marlene Danden, as well as Kaming Mga Talyada which with an star studded cast.

Fred Montilla—His memorable films were Tulisang Pugot (1953) and Bondying with Myrna Delgado, Pagbabalik (1955) where he played a boxer and Dahil sa Ina a 1957 drama vehicle with Tita Duran, Oscar Moreno and Maria Cristina as the mother.

Oscar Moreno—The father of Boot Anson-Roa, his important films included: Si! Si! Senorito! (with Carmen Rosales, Fred Montilla and Pacita del Rio), Dugong Bughaw (1951), Kasaysayan ni Dr. Ramon Selga (also 1951), Hihintayin Kita (1952) and R.O.T.C. (1955).

Cesar Ramirez—The father of Ace Vergel could boast of the following films: Huling Patak ng Dugo, 1951’s Bernardo Carpio (in the title role) and Diwani opposite real wife Alicia Vergel.

Ramon Revilla Sr.—Known in Sampaguita Pictures as one of Gloria Romero’s leading men, he made Recuerdo, Cofradia, Mister Kasintahan (directed by Nardo Vercudia) and Bim Bam Bum with Rod Navarro and Aruray.

Ric Rodrigo—He starred opposite Rita Gomez in Diyosa and Reyna Bandida and was the leading man of Romero in Prince Charming (1956).

Edgar Salcedo—The son of Leopoldo Sdalcedo, he starred in 1966’s Laman Ng Aking Laman opposite his father, Rita Gomez, Rosa Mia and Rosemarie under the direction of Conrado Conde.

Vic Vargas—He -He appeared in Diegong Tabak in the title role with Liberty Ilagan as his leading lady. He also essayed roles in sexy films and in action pictures where he played soldier or agent.

Romeo Vasquez—His memorable films included Rhodora (1956), Pretty Boy (1957), Ako Ang Maysala (1958), Isinakdal Ko Ang Aking Ama, Ginang Hukom (both a 1960) and Prinsesang Gusgusin with Susan Roces and Tito Galla.

Young actors who were them starting their career were Pepito Rodriguez, Ramil Rodriguez, Greg Martin, Ricky Belmonte, Tirso Cruz III and Edgar Mortiz.

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