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MOVIES WITH FLOWERS IN TITLES by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Dec 27, 2006

By Tante de Ramos

In an industry where production outfits usually use flowers for their business name, it only follows that many films were produced with flowers in their titles. Movie trivia writer Tante de Ramos came up with a partial list of these films. He says that producers through the decades had called their companies Sampaguita Pictures, Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions, Everlasting Films, Lotus Films, Rosas Productions and many other film outfits.

Hereunder is the list of Filipino films which invariably came up with flowers in their titles:

Lilies of Benguet – This pre-war film starred Naty Fernandez, Carlos Padilla Sr,. Gregorio Fernandez, Salud del Valle, Salvador Tinsay and Nena Linda. It was produced by Malayan Pictures Inc.

Sampagitang Walang Bango – A peacetime production, this film starred Angelita “Rhunba” Rey, one of the earliest actresses during the first years of Philippine cinema.

Sanggumay – Another pre-war film, this starred Purita Sta. Marie.

Sampagita – Another peacetime film, this also starred Naty Fernandez.

Ang Magsasampagita – This pre-war film starred Corazon Noble with her reel and real love mate Angel Esmeralda. It was produced by Pedro Vera of Sampagita Pictures Inc. The film also featured then child star Tita Duran who would become a popular actress under the wings of Sampaguita Pictures.

Azucena – Another pre-war film, Azucena starred the husband-and-wife love team of Jose Padilla Jr. and Arsenia Francisco.

Cadena de Amor – Another Rosa del Rosario starrer, this picture was also made during the peacetime period.

Dama de Noche – Arsenia Francisco again portrayed the title in this pre-war movie.

Jasmin – The movie had Flor de Jasmin portraying the leading lady role in another post-war film project.

Krisantimo – This was another Flor de Jasmin starrer which was made before World War II broke out in the lead role. The film was made during the prewar period.

Ilang–Ilang – This film also starred Rosa del Rosario and was produced before the war broke out.

Waling–Waling – Produced in 1949, this movie starred Rebecca Gonzales and Jaime dela Rosa with the Maria Cristina Falls in Mindanao as the setting of the story as her leading man. It was produced by LVN Productions of Narcisa de Leon, Carmen Villongco and Eleuterio Navoa Jr. of LVN Pictures Inc.

Camelia – This was one of the long series of films that starred the popular and box-office tandem of Carmen Rosales and Rogelio dela Rosa. It was produced by Sampaguita Pictures of the Vera–Perez Family.

Everlasting – This starred the versatile dramatic actress Emma Alegre and was also produced by LVN productions.

Dahlia – This movie starred by Charito Solis and was produced by LVN Productions.

Escarlata – This starred Amalia Fuentes and shot in the late sixties. The producer was Vera–Perez of Sampaguita Pictures Inc.

Cadena de Amor – A film remake, this version starred Rosemarie Sonora under Sampaguita Pictures.

Cherry Blossoms – Also shot in Japan, this starred former Miss Philippines Pilar Pilapil.

Mga Rosas sa Putikan – This movie starred now Lipa Mayor Vilma Santos.

Nang Bumuka ang Sampagita – This starred Amy Austria in a movie directed by Ed Palmos. Amy was earlier discovered through a contest launched by Crown Seven Productions, Inc. of Jesse Ejercito for the Tondo Girl project.

Sampaguitang Walang Halimuyak – A film produced by Agrix Films, this starred Julie Ann Fortich.

Rosa Mistica – This starred the beauteous Snooky Serna, former child actress who kept on appearing in movies for several decades.

Dama de Noche – Another remake, this version starred Ynez Veneracion.

Azucena – Another remake, this version starred Alessandra de Rossi.