Dec 20
MMFFP PARADE OF STARS GETS OFF THE BLOCK by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Dec 20, 2006

This year’s much-awaited parade of stars—the centerpiece of the annual Metropolitan Manila Film Festival (Philippines)– finally got out of the block in consecutive parade-motorcades in Baguio City and San Fernando, Pampanga.

Another parade is scheduled in Lucena City on Wednesay, December 20 while the traditional Christmas eve main parade of stars will be held in Metro Manila to usher in the MMFFP 2006 which will start on Christmas Day.

The Baguio City parade of stars started from the SM Baguio compound and wove through the main streets of the downtown area of the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Two photos of Sen. Lito Lapid and his son Gov. Mark Lapid during the motorcade

Three film entries were represented in the parade by their major stars.
Sen. Lito Lapid and his son Gov. Mark Lapid, title roles in Tatlong Baraha with younger son Maynard Lapid, spearheaded the convoy of floats and motorcade vehicles.

Real and reel couple Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz were featured in the float of Ligalig (Batang Maynila) while Ana Capri represented the Canary Film entry Matakot Ka sa Karma though she was joined by guest actress Michelle Estevez.

National Artist for Film Eddie Romero rode in a motorcade vehicle with his wife and son, Director Joey Romero, and the latter’s wife.

A sizable crowd—almost four-deep at the sidewalks of the main downtown street—enthusiastically waited for hours to see their favorite stars.

Going up Baguio was a double-purpose event for Sen. Lapid and Cesar Montano. Later in the evening, they also received the first ever Yapak Awards at the amphi-theater of SM Baguio.

In colorful ceremonies, the two awardees, with Director Eddie Romero cast their handprints and footprints on a special Baguio clay even as Igorot dancers went through their dance rituals.

Cesar Montyano and Sunshine Cruz during nthe parade of stars; other participants in the parade of stars

The Yapak Awards is a project of the Baguio Community Volunteers’ Movement, whose officers included Ric Camaligan of SM holdings.

During the award ceremonies, the free admission of senior citizens to Baguio theaters during Monday and Tuesday playdates was announced.

Sen. Lapid casts his palm prints, followed by Cesar Director Eddie Romero. Ric Camaligan emcees the awards night.

The activities were relocated a day after to the SM San Fernando complex. But the parade of stars was almost called off because only Tatlong Baraha was represented in the press conference. Sen. Lapid and Gov. Mark were the only stars who arrived due to some scheduling conflicts caused by the intensified mall tours of other MMFFP entry stars in Manila and elsewhere.

Sen. Lapid invoked fair play, saying he does not want people mis-interpreting things because their picture will be the only one represented in the parade. He said the place is his hometown and he does not want people to say that he hogged everything and the attention to himself.

The senator decided to push on with the parade when he was told that a lot of his kabalens are already waiting for him and the governor.

For the cooperation of the father-and-son team, Ric Camaligan assured that Tatlong Baraha will be booked in SM Baguio and SM San Fernando and Clark and even Lucena City where the senator and the governor are expected to grace the occasion.