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By Tante de Ramos

( Our movie trivia expert researcher Tante de Ramos writes on the successful loveteams in Philippine movies in the following article. This covers the decades of the 40s to the 70s.—JNC )

What make Pilipino movies colorful and kilig-conscious are the many loveteams who have been projected on the thousands of cinema screens throughout the archipelago as early as the decade of the 40s. The following catalog of loveteams will prove that this particular ingredient in local movies really spelled box-office hit or disaster. Let us review the loveteams through the years—but up to the 70s..

Rogelio dela Rosa and Carmen Rosales– Their tandem on screen was tremendously accepted by moviegoers during the prewar and postwar times. The movies they starred in included Maalaala Mo Kaya?, Kampanang Ginto and Camelia for LVN Pictures. They did the films Panambitan , Colegiala , Tampuhan , Takipsilim , Lambingan , Senorita , Ang Tangi Kong Pag-ibig and Lydia , which were produced by Sampaguita Pictures.

Oscar Moreno and Tita Duran– They were screen partners in such films as Sa Piling Mo , Kapilya sa Daang Bakal , Unang Pag-ibig, Dahil sa Ina , Maharlika and Anak ng Dagat . The producer of these movies was Sampaguita Pictures.

Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran —They were the reel and real life tandem most loved by fans. These married couple did the movies Kasintahan sa Pangarap and Sa lsang Sulyap Mo , Tita . Most of their movies were done by Sampaguita Pictures.

Nestor de Villa and Nida Blanca —This team-up was paired in films like Ganyan Ka Pala , Waray-Waray , Hiyasmin , Darling Ko , Hijo de Familia , Ikaw Kasi , Handang Matodas , Sebya, Mahal Kita , Tumbalik na Daigdig , Iskwaters , Luneta , Talusaling , Aling Kutsero , Bahala Na , Manang Biday vs. Waray , Turista , Tingnan Natin , Lawiswis Kawayan and Ibong Adarna . These flicks were produced by LVN Pictures.

Jaime dela Rosa and Rebecca Gonzales –In the box-office success of Waling-Waling, LVN Productions came up with a follow-up project for this tandem which was Gitano, directed by Manuel Silos.

Mario Montenegro and Delia Razon– As a loveteam, they were paired mostly in action genre movies such as historical and costume films during the era of kings and queens with thousands of cast involved. They starred in Lapu-Lapu , Prinsipe Tinoso and Banal o Makasalanan. The movies were produced by LVN Productions.

Ric Rodrigo and Rita Gomez– They were paired in movies produced by Sampaguita Pictures. One of these films was Diyosa .

Luis Gonzales and Gloria Romero –They starred in such movies as Manang Biday vs. Waray and Iginuhit ng Tadhana . Most of their starrers were produced by the Vera-Perezes of Sampaguita Pictures.

Fernando Poe, Jr. and Susan Roces –A real and reel life loveteam made a movie titled Ang Daigdig Ko’y Ikaw . They starred again in the remake of the film Zamboanga. They were also paired in the movies Perlas ng Silangan and a series of comedies in the Surrender kay Kumander genre.

Romeo Vasquez and Amalia Fuentes– Their love team was a box-office hit in the films Sino Ang Maysala? , Pretty Boy , Madaling Araw and Isinakdal Ko Ang Aking Ina . These flicks were produced by Sampaguita Pictures. They also made the movies Ibulong Mo Sa Hangin and Sa Muling Pagkikita for AM Productions, owned by Amalia Fuentes.

Fernando Poe, Jr. and Leonor Vergara –They teamed-up in many movies, one of which was Laban sa Lahat , directed by Cirio Santiago. The producer was Premiere Productions, Inc. They also made Bon Voyage and May Pasikat Ba Sa Kano? for the production outfits owned by the Santiago clan.

Jose Mari and Susan Roces– They were paired in Amy, Susie at Tessie and one movie where Susan was a vendor in a market. These films were produced by Sampaguita Pictures.

Juancho Gutierrez and Amalia Fuentes– They won the search for Mr. Number One and Miss Number One respectively for the Vera-Perez production firm. Their prizes included their casting in the film Lydia. Their other team-ups were produced by Sampaguita Pictures.

Romeo Vasquez and Susan Roces– They were paired on such movies like Mga Ligaw na Bulaklak , Prinsesang Gusgusin , Maruja and Bandana . These films were made by Sampaguita Pictures.

Ricky Belmonte and Rosemarie Sonora —Another real and reel life loveteam, they appeared in the film Juanita Banana. They shot other films for Sampaguita Pictures.

Eddie Gutierrez and Susan Roces– They teamed-up in the musical movie Rock Around The Clock and Romansa sa World’s Fair, a film shot on location abroad. They were produced by Sampaguita Pictures.

Tirso Cruz III and Nora Aunor— One of the most adored loveteams, they did several films for Sampaguita Pictures. Among them was Guy and Pip. They were still a big hit when they reunited in such movies as Together Again and Bilangin Ang Bituin Sa Langit .

Edgar Mortiz and Vilma Santos– The team-up made films like the musical film The Pledge of Love and the horror genre film Anak ng Aswang for Sampaguita Pictures.

Efren Reyes Sr. and Leila Morena –They were always paired in the first Pedro Penduko series as the original characters of the comics novel. The films were produced by Premier Productions, Inc.

Jesus Ramos and Leila Morena –In the movie series of Og, a local jungle hero, they were always the loveteam. One film was titled Si Og sa Maynila . The producer was the Santiago clan’s Premiere Productions, Inc.