Nov 25
SAM MILBY…STARDOM AFTER EVICTION? by Butch Macaro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Nov 25, 2005

SAM MILBY! The new teen idol who is taking showbiz by storm is now poised to spread his wings and soar to the sky. The way fans reacted to his sudden popularity reminds me of someone who came a long way before him, an idol who was loved, adored and admired by legions of fans for several decades. Sam Milby is a male version of Nora Aunor.

Sam really burst into the showbiz scene with a big bang and is now rocking his way to instant stardom if luck is really on his side. The welcoming legions of new fans really remind me of the phenomenal La Aunor.

And to think that Sam was not in the original list of tyros who started out in the local franchise of this international reality show, Pinoy Big Brother , but only filled in for original boarder Jenny who requested to be evicted from the Big Brother house because of her ailing father two months ago (he eventually succumbed to his illness). Sam was a fantastic replacement. In the beginning, televiewers seemed not to take him seriously but with his innocent smile and expressive eyes, fans began to notice him.

I seldom watched Pinoy Big Brother but the first time I saw Sam on the screen, I immediately and silently predicted that he will make it big in showbiz. I found him likeable, someone who is incapable of hurting anybody. Someone who seemed to be wishing nothing but good things for his housemates. Harmless Sam! Friendly Sam! Talented Sam!

Sam was evicted from the Big Brother’s house two weeks ago for breaking some rules that caused great sadness to his housemates, especially Cassandra Ponti who admitted her special attachment to Sam. But his eviction shoved him into the stage or locations of other ABS-CBN shows or programs to a thundering approval of TV fanatics.

For even before his eviction from the Big Brothers’ house, television and movie projects have been lined up for Sam. He is now in the Sunday A.S.A.P. ’05 with his own segment within the show, the Sam Session, together with the members of the Band HALE. Each Sunday, Sam jams with different groups and the Fil-Am heartthrob has all the time and chance to show his mettle both in singing and in playing the guitar. The warm welcome of movie fans for Sam Milby really reminds me of the popularity of Nora Aunor during her heydays when roving Noranians dutifully trailed and followed the superstar anywhere she went.

Sam grew up in the States. When he returned to the country to visit his Pilipino mother in Surigao, Sam entertained the thought of joining the movies. It took sometime before he could realize his dreams but he knew he must start somewhere. He started looking for the right connection and made a few forgettable commercials until he applied as a singer and actor with the Backroom Inc. of Boy Abunda. He was eagerly backed up by the staff of Backroom Inc. who thought Sam could be the next Ariel Rivera in the making. But there was an initial snag– he cannot speak straight Tagalog. That was years ago.

But the ever-hopeful and persistent Sam did not give. Then he joined Pinoy Big Brother and the rest, so it goes, is now history. Sam is now a certified ‘Crush Ng Bayan” and is thrilled to know how big is his following now.

After his eviction from the Big Brother’s house, he came to The Buzz set for an interview with Boy Abunda, Cristy Fermin and Kris Aquino. The studio was jampacked with shrieking movie fans, mostly young women and gay fans. Boy Abunda did not mince words when he recalled that he once rejected Sam as a talent to manage. Sam just took this in stride, showing no negative emotions at all. As his trademark reaction, he was all smiles!

Star Records will soon be releasing a new song Sam recorded with housemate Say, which has become the most requested song over the radio. He will soon sign a recording contract with Star Records and will probably make films for Star Cinema.

His being Crush ng Bayan does not always bring positive reactions from everybody. One movie fan is heard as saying “He’s guwapo alright but his smile is put on, forced’. In fairness to Sam, he is still new in the business and we should understand that he is still adjusting to this new topsy-turvy world. Maybe he is trying to please everybody even if he knows that in show business, that is difficult to attain. Still Sam makes it a point to be always ready with a smile for everybody. This early, Sam is becoming a victim in his own baptism of intrigues and controversies. I once heard someone bringing up the issue of his citizenship and if he had acquired an official working permit.

Sam belongs to a new breed of stars. He has his own way of motivating the fans. His smile is natural and sincere and his eyes are inviting. He knows how to motivate his fans, his PR is almost perfect, very loving and warm. Talking to some fans, Sam tells them in broken Tagalog: “Gusto kong sumikat, kaya suportahan n’yo ako ha’? And one fan was heard saying “Nakakabaliiw ang kanyang pagiging mabait at pamatay ang kanyang mga ngiti’.Even if he did not understand Tagalog very well, even if it sounded insulting, he returned the remark with smiles. I learned that movie columnist friend Joebert Sucaldito is handling the movie career of Sam. Joebert is indeed worried about his ward’s problem with Tagalog. I still think this is a very minor problem which Sam, with the help of Joebert, can easily take care of.

Sam’s schedule is quiet heavy now. He is included in the pre-Christmas presentation of Okey, Fine of ABS-CBN with Anna Leah Javier. They play the roles of Santa’s children who became friends with Edu Manzano, Aga Muhlach and Bayani Agbayani.

Sam will duet with Rica Peralejo to sing a very popular song made by a Big Brother housemate titled Magmahal Muli .

During a break in one of his tapings, Sam was interviewed by some press people and he intimated he wants to follow the footsteps of his favorite Aga Muhlach. As to his problem with his Tagalog, Sam told the reporters he will do everything to learn his native language. Hurdling this problem will really assure that Sam will make it big in the race for stardom.

Another Fil-Am has come home and found a showbiz career.