Nov 18
MORE ON BEA ALONZO by Butch Macaro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Nov 18, 2005

What makes Bea different from girls her age and stature?

On her very special day, Bea opted to celebrate her debut minus the pompous celebration. Meaning no party, no cotillion, no grand celebration which most young girls coming of age looks forward to. Instead of a big party, Bea chose a TV special. Bea does not elaborate on this special preference but assures people around her that she was able to reach more people and make them happy on her birthday through a TV special.

Bea does not hide the fact that she came from humble beginnings and feels she is just being practical when she opted to share her birthday joy and happiness with less fortunate people, specially the children of marginal families. Instead of spending P500,000 for her gown and about P1 million for her party where only few and selected people will come as her guests, she reasons out that she’d rather spend the same amount with many children who have less in life. Instead of receiving gifts for her birthday, Bea wants to give prizes and tokens that will make the children happy. She adds that a gift for herself may come in the form of a travel around the country. She cites as fringe benefits the fact that this will help develop her personality, make her learn more about Filipinos and their culture.

The huge ABS-CBN network, where Bea is under contract, offered to sponsor a lavish coming out party but Bea graciously refused and settled for a simple celebration where she can make more children happy.

Actually, Bea has many dreams in life. She openly admits her humble beginnings. She grew up in a family without solid foundation and does not hide the fact that she came from a broken family. She had to live with other families, mostly those of her aunts, then finally grew under the care and guidance of her doting grandmother who wanted her to be a beauty queen. It was her lola who urged her to join beauty contests but, unfortunately, Bea did not make anything out of it. Looking back, she now feels that being a beauty queen is not her calling. Bea thinks her sad experience early in life did a lot to make her a different person and armed her with a new outlook in life. She grew up with different people of different opinions and ideas where she learned to compromise and adjust. Bea knows they are not rich so she has to learn a lot about life. Her early life made her a stronger person today.

Given a chance to introduce changes in her life as she begins her eighteenth year, Bea says she wants to be independent and to make her own decisions. She stresses she does not want to become a burden to other people, specially those she works and interacts with. She is resolved to be more organized…in her work schedule, her appointments and other commitments. She says that now she has her own planner. Before, she left everything to her mom. Now she must work things out on her own, after all she is no longer a girl but a grown up woman. Bea is aware that it is not easy to earn money and knows how to spend it carefully. At 18, Bea has bought for herself and her family a big house somewhere in Pasig but she refuses to call it a mansion, just a simple house where she and her family can live comfortably.

Bea believes she is lucky in her acting career and thinks this is the kind of world God has reserved for her. Bea admits she is, sometimes, a typical brat although she too has learned to make the necessary adjustments. After all, everyone is entitled to her tantrums. One of her priorities is to continue her college study. She quit school for two years to concentrate on her acting career but now that everything seems to be properly adjusted, she is finally graduating in high school this year under a home study plan. She aspires to get a college degree of her own.

Bea though seems to clam up when talks veer towards her love life. Pressed about the young men vying for her attention, Bea bursts into loud laughter and shyly admits she hasn’t found the right man yet. She is now 18 years and it is a normal thing for a girl like her to go out on dates. “I go out on dates now, group dates with my friends” Bea shyly explains. “ I am scared to go out on date really, and alone with a guy”. So how does a Bea Alonzo enjoy her life as a young lady? “I have my family to enjoy things and happenings with. Besides, acting is really my passion and I am enjoying it with a lot of inspirations and a lot of crushes.” Asked if John Lloyd Cruz is one of those she has a crush on. Bea becomes serious and explains that John Lloyd Cruz has never been her crush and she bursts into a loud laughter again. Up to this time, Bea is still awaiting for the gift John Lloyd Cruz has prepared for her. She knows that John Lloyd is also busy with his commitments and she does not put pressure on him. Bea is aware that John Lloyd’s mother likes her a lot and her mom finds John Lloyd a nice guy.

Bea is still busy with Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin , her teleserye, while being busy with commercial endorsements like Porche Jeans, Karanina, Outland Footwear, Cream silk conditioner, Talk N’ Text and Avon Fragrances at SM in San Lazaro.