Nov 11
SEX NYMPHETS: FROM B TO Z by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Nov 11, 2005

By Tante de Ramos

Young and sexy nymphets have always a place in show business. We cannot dispute that fact. Through the many transformations of the adult film genre—from bomba to ST to pene to bold—young sex sirens held sway. I tried to complete the alphabet of sex nymphets and came up short of drawing one nymphet for each letter. But this is just the beginning list. I will soon present a completed alphabet as I delve into my chest of movie trivia. Following is the incomplete alphabet of sex nymphets:

Aleck Bovick – She appeared in the flick titled Kaulayaw , written by Dennis Evangelista and directed by Francis ‘Jun’ Posadas for Trivision Films. Another of her films is Tampisaw , also megged again by the same director. Most of her films were produced by Angora Films of Atty. Gandioso Manalo.

Kuhdet Honasan – In the movie Motel , she was paired with John Apacible in a project produced by ATB-4 Films. Her co-stars in the flilm Karelasyon were Isabella Gomez, Karina Zobel, Dante Balboa and Paolo Rivero directed by Buboy Tan, also for ATB-4 Films.

Nini Jacinto – She was a former That’s Entertainment performer. The movie she has starred in was Talong with Leonardo Litton as her leading man. Another film she has appeared in was Aray .

Jeanette Joaquin – She appeared in movie titled Ako, Siya o Ikaw with co-stars Rose Valencia, Trina Shields, Ilonah Marquez, Mon Confiado, Jek Montelibano and Nixon Cruz.

Nikka Madrid – In the film Kainan sa Highway , she co-starred with Maye Tongco, Mark Dionisio, Milkmen and Rizza Rossini who was introduced in this flick for Vincent Films. She made Hayop sa Porma, Hanep sa Ganda for LUV Films under the direction of Arturo San Agustin. The same cast were also together in the movie Saksi Driver for the same producer, LUV Films.

Ilonah Marquez – She starred in Ira and Blondie 2 with her screen partner Raffy Anido, and Ako, Siya o Ikaw with Rose Valencia, Trina Shields and Jeanette Joaquin. Their leading men were Mon Confiado, Nixon Cruz and Jek Montelibano.

Rajah Montero – She co-stared with Allen Dizon in the film Langit Mo , Kaligayahan Ko . She also appeared in Katas with Maye Tongco and Yanni Garcia, in Hayop sa Porma, Hanep sa Ganda with Bonnel Balingit and Nikka Madrid , directed by Arturo San Agustin for LUV Films and in Saksi Driver , also produced by LUV Films.

Red Riviera – She was given a break in Bigay-Hilig with Gardo Versoza as her leading man under the direction of Joven Tan for Starlight Films. In the movie Kiskisan with co-stars Halina Perez, Gardo Versoza, Emilio Garcia, Allen Dizon and Ana Capri, also directed by Joven Tan for Starlight Films producer.

Katya Santos – One of the films she ppeared in was Sukdulan. She made also Dukot Queen , directed by Tikoy Aguiluz. In the movie Utang ng Ama , she co-starred with Joey Marquez and Jinggoy Estrada which was directed by Tony Y. Reyes for the producer of Maverick Films.

Trina Shields – The role of Pilya was given to her opposite Raffy Anido who played the character of her addict pusher boyfriend. Another film she madewas Ako, Siya o Ikaw with co-stars Rose Valencia, Ilona Marquez, Jeanette Joaquin, Mon Confiado, Nixon Cruz and Jek Montelibano.

Renee Summer – She made the film Paraiso with John Regala as her leading man. The producer of the flick was Jojo Galang of World Arts Cinema.

Maye Tongco – In the film Alipin , her co-star was Ryan Muñoz. She made Katas with co-stars Rajah Montero and Yanni Garcia. The movie Kainan sa Highway with Nikka Madrid , Mark Dionisio, Milkmen and introducing Rizza Rossini under Vincent Films. In Mapupulang Labi , sahe co-starred with Candy Alison and Marcus Madrigal which was directed by Joey Romero for Wild World Films producer.

Tracy Torres – She starred in the movie Punla with Emilio Garcia and John Apacible. In the film Mapanukso , her co-stars were Clarissa Mercado, Emilio Garcia, JP Obligacion and Gerald Lauron which was produced by Sixto Dy of Leo Films. She also produced fashion shows with partner Rose Valencia. She has also a business named after her which was Tracy ‘s Treasures.

Rose Valencia – She appeared in the film Makamundo with Gardo Versoza, Joko Diaz and Garina Polman and Hawla under the direction of Baldo Marro. In the movie Ako, Siya o Ikaw , she co-starred with Ilonah Marquez, Jeanette Joaquin, Trina Shields, Mon Confiado, Nixon Cruz and Jek Montelibano.

Diana Zubiri – One movie she has starred in was Itlog with co-stars Rodel Velayo, Allona Amor, Winston Elizalde and Celso Ad. Castillo which was directed by Francis ‘Jun’ Posadas under Seiko Films of producer Robbie Tan. She also appeared in the two Liberated films with Francine Prieto, Christian Vazquez, Rodel Velayo, Tuesday Vargas, Winston Elizalde and Chanda Romero directed by Mac C. Alejandre and Bikini Open with Francine Prieto, Nina Ricci Alagao, Rafael Rossel, Alfred Vargas and J.E. Sison directed by Jeffrey Jeturian produced also by Seiko Films. She also made the film Bakat which was directed by Francis ‘Jun’ Posadas .