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SECOND GAWAD DIREK AWARDEES by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Nov 4, 2005

Six prominent members of the film industry whose bodies of work and industry-related achievements have undoubtedly advanced film arts, appreciation, education or film industry welfare are the recipients of the second batch of Gawad Direk awards given out by the Directors’ Guild of the Philippines .

The awardees, to be honored in ceremonies to be held at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater, Grade School complex, Ateneo de Manila University, Kartipunan Road, Quezon City, on November 18, 2005, are Director Augusto ‘Totoy’ Buenaventura, Actor-Director Eddie Garcia, Comedian-Producer Rodolfo V. Quizon (Dolphy), Actress Gloria Romero, Actress-Social-Welfare-Advocate Rosa Rosal and Producer-Actress-Singer Armida Siguion-Reyna.

In the first ever Gawad Direk Awards in 2003, the directors’ guild recognized the contributions to Philippine cinema of five directors, namely, Emmanuel Borlaza, the late Luciano B. Carlos, Celso Ad, Castillo, the late Fernando Poe Jr. (Ronwaldo Reyes) and National Artist for Film Eddie Romero.

The DGPI decided to expand the field of awardees to include other film craftsmen, not confining itself to culling awardees from the ranks of directors only. Thus this year’s cross-section of awardees, DGPI President Tony Reyes explained.

Director Buenaventura was cited for transforming the action film genre into a relevant, socially-conscious and meaningful cinematic art form through a series of films that tackled social problems like agrarian reform, injustice against the poor and the lowly farm workers, a majority of which starred former Philippine President Joseph Estrada.

Director-Actor Eddie Garcia was recognized for his contribution as an actor, tracing a trajectory of acting assignments that made him first as the original kontrabida then becoming a leading man in action films and sex comedies, and for his achievements as a director of well-crafted and finely-acted drama films.

The king of Philippine comedy, Dolphy had retained this distinction for so long a time, starting his reign as comic king when he left the stage and starred in films after films that entertained several generations of moviegoers.

Still regarded as the most beautiful Filipina actress who graced local movie screens, Gloria Romero has been the epitome of dignified professionalism and the dedication of the true cinematic artist and the Gawad Direk recognized her for this achievement, among others.

Rosa Rosal was given the award for her dual achievements in the fields of cinema and social work, pursuing a life-long advocacy in her tenure as the driving force of the Philippine Red Cross.

Armida Siguion-Reyna is cited for her untiring efforts to uphold freedom for the artist, whether in the realms of music and the cinematic arts, while seeking a niche for Philippine music and cinema as truly unrestricted and uncensored cultural forms.

The Gawad Direk Awards were first given in 2003, nine years after the DGPI was incorporated. The guild has grown from a founding group of 11 directors into an association of some 50 filmmakers.

Since the guild’s creation, DGPI members have regularly received honors from various award-giving bodies, like the FAMAS, the Film Academy ‘s industry awards, the Urian, and the entertainment press awards, among others.

The current DGPI officers are Mark Meily, chairman of the board of directors; Tony Reyes, president; Jose N. Carreon, vicwe-president; Joey Romero, secretary; and Mel Chionglo, treasurer. The other board members include: Emmanuel Borlaza, Quark Henares, Jeffrey Jetturian, Joel Lamangan, Maryo J. de los Reyes and Carlos Siguion-Reyna.

DGPI Chairman Mark Meily is extending the guild’s invitation to all film industry members and workers, as well as the movie-going public, to attend the second Gawad Direk awards on November 18.